Advanced Robotics Preview Industry 4.0

Conventional industrial robots are not able to perform the complex tasks on the assembly line.

But Magna’s advanced robotic system, that uses state-of-the-art 2D/3D vision systems, is taking robots to the next level – and giving the company a technological edge.

Corporate R&D developed the Core Advanced Robotics Technology for high-volume auto production and proposed it to multiple divisions from different Magna groups.

The first industrial application was launched at Magna’s Vehtek Systems in Bowling Green, Ohio, where the advanced robotic system features human-like robotic operations. Camera systems allow these next-generation robots to identify components, pick them up and understand where they must be placed.

“We could not see any platform or technology like this coming from our traditional suppliers and production equipment and line integrators,” said Alex Zak, the Director of R&D who is leading the Advanced Robotics and manufacturing initiative. “It’s a platform technology that is used in academia and one-off complex robotics systems, such as the NASA space program.”

Pick, inspect and place is just the first feature Magna is spinning off the core technology, which has many potential applications, Alex notes.

“It’s a proof-of-concept that has been validated,” said Ian Simmons. “This in-house development is Industry 4.0 ready and could be deployed elsewhere within Magna.”

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