“Seeing” Military-Style Radar the Magna Way

Military radar is something that tracks aircraft and guides weapons—but it’s so much more to the innovative minds at Magna.

We’ve taken military radar and “auto-qualified” it, readying the technology for automotive use. Our High-Definition ICON is setting a new standard in sophisticated automotive radar. This new Magna technology will become the “eyes” of self-driving vehicles, fundamentally changing the function of cars and how we use them.

It’s the latest example of our expertise in vision-based technology as the steady advance of driver-assistance systems and autonomous cars changes the way we think about transportation.

High-Definition ICON, derived from advanced technology, extends the boundaries of perception and provides a critical component for the cars of the future.

We cultivated a partnership with Uhnder, a technology startup, to develop and bring ICON to market.

This technology helps the driver and the vehicle to “see” the road ahead and be able to anticipate—and not just in terms of distance.

Imagine a crowded city. Any number of obstacles and unexpected events can pop up, including construction, traffic jams, accidents, pedestrians, bicyclists, animals and other cars.

Working 50 times faster than the time it takes a human eye to blink, ICON tracks objects and obstacles by scanning the environment in four dimensions of distance, height, depth and speed.

While less-sophisticated radar systems cluster objects together, ICON can differentiate between small and large targets.

It can detect and track almost 100 times more objects than competitive systems and classifies them individually.

Because of its compact size, ICON can be easily integrated into an automaker’s autonomous system or as part of Magna’s MAX4 autonomous vehicle platform.

With breakthroughs like High-Definition ICON, we are paving the way to reducing accidents and injuries, and saving lives. At the same time, we’re creating the framework for a driverless future.

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