Breakthrough Lighting Technology

Lighting for the Future.

First-to-market design innovation applied to our lightweight, recyclable thermoplastic liftgate surface, delivering weight saving and design freedom. ​

  • Breakthrough Lighting technology applied to lightweight, recyclable thermoplastic liftgate, enabling design freedom
  • First-to-market design innovations demonstrate the “Power of Magna” and the company’s unique, in-house development and manufacturing capabilities
  • Ready for production on mobility applications in 2023

Ablated design allows for unique light styling options for an elevated consumer experience.

Close up of back of a black and red car

Brand Distinction

Enhance your vehicle exterior experience with our breakthrough lighting effects to achieve a unique brand identity.


We'll light the way. Whatever surface you want.

Back of a magna car with red light and black background Front of a grey Magna car with yellow signal light
Back of a magna car with red and yellow light and black background Head light of an orange Magna car
Back of a magna car with red, yellow and blue light and black background Front of a grey Magna car

Function and Feature Lighting Sequences​

Video thumbnail photo
Video thumbnail photo