Flexible Assembly Services from a World Class Manufacturer

We offer extensive product options for vehicle assembly, including integrating different products from one or more OEM. Independent from vehicle specification, our solutions leverage automation and modularization to ensure consistent and optimal results. We respond to the increasing volatile demands of both market and customers with intelligent work-time models that guarantee prompt reaction times and output flexibility. Due to Magna’s many years of experience and technical expertise in assembly, we have mastered particular challenges, such as the integration of complex systems (for example, alternative drive systems and roof systems) as well as the assembly of individual vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. Our customers enjoy the  advantage of our best-cost approach, as well as a shortened time-to-market thanks to faster integration.

Alternative Production Technologies & Concepts

The automotive-market drivers are becoming more diverse, and the demand for mobility is increasing rapidly. Increasing product and process complexity, constantly shorter product, market, technology and innovation cycles pose new challenges for the automotive industry. As a leading automotive player we are also able to provide access to new niches, shorter development times, efficient platform strategies, increasing modularization, new materials and innovative vehicle concepts.