World-Class Body Manufacturing

Along with our world-class contract manufacturing, Magna also offer one-stop complete body manufacturing, from steel constructions to materials-optimized structural bodies. Our flexible automation solutions ensure short integration times, even in existing body-in-white productions. Through ongoing research and development, we deliver a clear competitive advantage for our customers—for instance, in the field of composite solutions where composite materials can also be integrated with aluminum structural parts in a multi-material mix. The integration of new products is accelerated due to an innovative use of both state-of-the-art technology and appropriate virtual tools such as simulations. This extensive know-how, combined with years of experience and high volumes, enables Magna to develop solutions for each design, variant joining technologies and materials.

Multi-Material-Mix & Joining Technologies

The reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide is a mega trend and one of the main tasks of our time. The necessity to optimize the application-oriented use and processing of materials in automotive manufacturing while reducing costs at the same time, calls for new joining technologies, ideal for high-quality joining of dissimilar materials, for example diverse kinds of metal (such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, etc.), as well as different types of materials (such as composites or hybrid materials as polymers reinforced with metals, etc.) and different surface coatings (such as Alodine on aluminum or zinc on steel).