Ghosted vehicle highlighting sensor driving done a road with obstacles outlined in its path

Advanced Driving Assistance Technologies

Developing the Autonomy of the Future

At Magna, we develop technologies that enable future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, features for future autonomous driving and new mobility solutions.

Vehicle driving into a driveway using personal park assist
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Magna's Park features provide different levels of active guidance in parking up to autonomous valet.
Vehicle reversing out of a driveway with sensors detecting a person behind
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360° View features allow an early overview of the environment and difficult driving situations.
Three people in a car showing the occupant monitoring camera capabilities
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Driver/Occupant Monitoring
Monitoring features will protect from distracted driving, but also sense more to keep passengers safe.
Vehicle driving along a highway illustrating adaptive cruise control stop and go
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Advanced Cruise features support more relaxed and comfortable driving.
Vehicle towing a trailer and reversing into the garage
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Let's hitch and tow easier with our Trailering features - patented trailer technology allows to see more behind and around trailers.
Vehicle driving along a highway showing blind spot detection
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Collision Avoidance
Feel safe with our Collision Avoidance features which detect critical situations and take evasive action to avoid potential collision.