Complete Radar Portfolio

Thermal sensor detecting a deer on the road at night

Magna offers a wide range of industry leading radar systems that provide a variety of active safety features, which are essential to the advancement of autonomous driving and occupant protection.

Magna’s Interior Cabin Sensor, Radar Belt, and Imaging Radar sensor systems use unique radar signal processing methods and high bandwidth for the best performance in the market. The new generation of exterior 77GHz radars provide reliable and accurate situational awareness of objects surrounding the vehicle and are key components for AD systems. Additionally, Magna has introduced a new generation of 60GHz interior radar-based sensors which provide a cost-effective view of the cabin interior.  

Radar sensors note vital information, such as range, angle and doppler velocity – information used to determine the driving situation and warn the driver in potentially dangerous situations. Software-based high-resolution techniques will better improve radar performances.

Radar systems warn for potential collisions, are used for avoiding blind spot crashes, and can control stop and go functions in queues, among other things. If the driver does not take appropriate action in time and a crash is about to happen, advanced radar systems can take control of the vehicle to avoid the crash or lessen the accident’s severity. This high level of safety functionality is maintained in bad weather and no light, when driving conditions are at their worst.

Interior Cabin Sensors
Radar Belt
Imaging Radar

Our newest product brings deep radar expertise into the interior cabin space of the vehicle allowing occupant protection operating at 60GHz. Initially, this product will be focused on Child Presence Detection, which is part of the NCAP 2023/2025 protocol, but will then extend to features like Seat Belt Reminder, Intrusion Detection, Truck Bed Intrusion, and more.

Our radar products operating at 24GHz (Narrow Band) and 77GHz offer a cocoon of protection enabling ADAS features. Magna’s product offering includes a Central Compute and Smart Radar configuration with features such as blind spot detection, safe door opening, assists with lane changes, alerts of rear cross traffic and rear collisions, and features trailer tow assembly.

Magna offers an enhanced high resolution Imaging Radar improving the ability to understand free space, better object separation in multiple target environments, and more precise detections in blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert. 77GHz radar systems see oncoming vehicles and autonomously manage lane changes during highway driving.


  • Active Blind Spot
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Safe Door Opening
  • Forward/Rear Collision Warning
  • Free Space Detection
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Child Presence Detection (ICS)
  • Seat Belt Reminder (ICS – Coming Soon)
  • Intrusion Detection (ICS – Coming Soon)
  • Truck Bed Intrusion (ICS – Coming Soon)

Complete Radar Portfolio