Electrified Powertrain

Best-in-class driving for all electrified platforms.

While the shift towards electrification is well under way, the real innovators are no longer those companies that are simply supplying eDrive products. Real innovation is awarded to those who are taking electrification to the next levels of efficiency and range. Magna is embracing this challenge with its best-in-class (BIC) portfolio, formulated with scalable building blocks, based on our longstanding expertise in transmission and driveline systems solutions. We are developing highly innovative systems of components that meet a wide range of customer requirements, while providing an optimum combination of BIC efficiency, safety, driving dynamics, and convenience.

BIC Efficiency optimizes energy use throughout the complete lifecycle. BIC Safety is a new level of control and active safety which comes with increasingly automated driving and e-mobility. BIC Dynamics enables vehicles to be “fun-to-drive“ without compromising safety. BIC Convenience simply improves peace-of-mind as to when and where you will have to re-charge.

Whether providing vehicle expertise, full powertrain systems or individual components, with its EtelligentDrive powertrain solutions, Magna can provide these attributes for all electrified platforms from mild to full and plug-in hybrids to purely battery electric vehicles.

Electrified Powertrain Technologies

Magna EtelligentDrive –
Electrified Powertrain Systems

The new language of powertrains

Magna is consistently refining its electric drives, focusing on efficiency, safety, dynamics, and convenience. The future is now: intelligent, connected powertrain solutions, paired with Magna’s electric and hybrid drives, are opening the next chapter of e-mobility.

Electrified Propulsion Systems

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With emission legislations and varying consumer expectations, multiple vehicle types and powertrain architectures are required. Through a scalable and modular powertrain platform, Magna is able to master the challenges of efficiency, performance and dynamics required for future powertrains. These scalable systems allow the OEM brand, model and powertrain differentiation in competitive market environments.

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Winter Test 2023

Winter test

Magna technologies put to the test on snow and ice.

Magna Powertrain Efficiency Story

Magna Powertrain Efficiency Story

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Driven by Etelligence.

While there are clear trends overall towards heightened safety, increased flexibility, added automation, and stronger connectivity to mobile services, the mobility needs of customers are also becoming increasingly individualized. There is no one customer of tomorrow, and OEMs and end consumers define their individual needs depending on the regional market.