Efficiency in a Thin Package

Utilizing high speed direct transfer technology of mini LEDs, FlecsForm™ pushes the boundaries of lighting design in a thinner and more efficient package.

Styling freedom is achieved with the ability to place LEDs on flexible circuits, enabling multiple design themes featuring high levels of uniformity or precise pixel level designs.

Communication Features

FlecsForm™ allows for advanced communication display capabilities. With comfort features showing your vehicle fully charged or safety features displaying a pedestrian warning, FlecsForm™ can support intricate and customizable animation functions.

FlecsForm™ Design Opportunities - Spotlight

View of vehicle tail lights using the FlecsForm
Automotive Lighting

Through stylish integration of thin, flexible and mini LEDs into exterior automotive parts, FlecsForm™ enables uniform lighting in an extremely thin package, complex shapes and improved power and thermal efficiency. This allows for complete design freedom and brand differentiation.


  • Rear lighting (stop/turn/tail)
  • Front grille panel lighting
  • Daytime running light & front turn
  • Accent lighting (RGB)
  • Advanced animations
  • Interior lighting
Display and Communication Lighting

Magna mini LED displays enable advanced display communication.  With a brightness 20x higher than LCD display technology, visibility at high contrast ratio is capable in full daylight.  Performance, resolution and cost targets can be met through customization.


  • Exterior and interior qualified (AEC-Q102) mini LEDs
  • RGB (W) color and mono-color LEDs
  • High luminance contrast and visibility in daylight (SAE J1757)
  • Single panel size up to 290mm x 240mm (panels tiled for larger application)
  • 16-bit grey-scale dimming
  • Communication via LIN, CAN-FD
  • 120fps (Frames per second) capability
  • On-board Memory up to 256MB (optional:  DDR to 16GB)