Efficient. Affordable. Quiet.

Magna designs and manufactures actuators that enable features like automatic power folding mirrors and mirror memory functions. Affordable, efficient and quiet—our actuators can support any requirement.

Powerfold Actuators
Powerfold Actuators allow for automatic mirror folding to reduce mirror collisions. Magna offers reliable and robust actuators to suit any vehicle.
Mirror Glass Actuators
Precise and quiet movement of the exterior glass is provided in a compact and robust package.
Active Aerodynamics
Magna makes actuators that support active aerodynamic systems designed to increase fuel efficiency by reducing drag. Applications include Active Grille Shutters and Air Dams.
HVAC Actuators
Magna's HVAC actuators are used to control the movement of the flaps used in the heating and air conditioning system. These actuators are designed to operate in all conditions with low noise.