ADAS Cameras


Advanced Driver Assistance Cameras

Scalable to the needs of OEM partners, the entry-level front camera module addresses safety needs related to new car assessment programs. Enables Level 2 automated driving by combining Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering Systems. These camera systems can also serve as the sensor fusion hub for basic safety and convenience functions. Magna’s Advanced Autonomous Driving Cameras offer high resolution, wide field of vision and high-speed communication enabling fully autonomous vehicles.


So Small Yet So Effective

Our MicroCam has up to one megapixel resolution, offering significant space reduction and consistently good image quality.

This camera provides up to 70 percent space reduction and up to 14 percent cost reduction in comparison to common cameras.

It can be used both inside and outside of the vehicle for an exterior mirror camera, in-vehicle camera monitoring, surround and rear-view camera systems, and blind spot monitoring.

Greater Package Density at Less Cost

Occupying minimum space while still environmentally protecting the optics and electronics, our Advanced OverMold Camera requires no additional sealing or screw connections, and works with all features in product road map.