Going Autonomous with LiDAR

Magna's HD LiDAR is enabling the autonomous driving future with added redundancy for Level 3 and beyond.  

High Resolution LiDAR

Magna’s high resolution HD LiDAR is an enabler for autonomous driving and can support multiple use cases with Multi-Mode and Smart Beam capabilities.

We have cost efficient solutions for high volume scenarios and can add the redundancy that's necessary for Level 3 and higher vehicles. With our highly integrated solid state LiDAR technology, there are fewer laser sources and small detector arrays, reducing heat and costs.

Magna Partners with Innoviz

With our sunlight resilient technology, our LiDAR has 7.5 megapixels per second data density capabilities to support Highway Automated Driving and Fully Automated Driving use cases.

Magna's partnership with Innoviz supports industrialization, validation, integration and software (SW) automotive requirements including integrated processing capabilities for Object Detection (OD) and Computer Vision applications.