SmartAccess Power Door


Providing unique and fully customizable vehicle access experiences. 

Magna is an industry leader when it comes to developing complex mechatronics systems. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide consumers the most intuitive, safe and comfortable experience when interacting with their vehicles.

The SmartAccess™ platform is a complete power door system that reimagines traditional vehicle access experiences. Intuitively designed to offer customizable HMI solutions such as gesture or tactile touch, this advanced technology opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Combining our mechanical expertise with advanced software capabilities, SmartAccess™ isn't just a product, it's an experience.

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Intelligent Power Door Capabilities
Our advanced power door combines intelligent sensors, motors and electronics packaged into one complete side door system that no longer needs to be opened or closed manually. Instead, the door automatically presents itself. Haptronik™ motion control software allows further customization of door feel including advanced features like wind catch, anti-slam and gravity compensation.