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Complete Comfort

Right from the Start

Magna’s award-winning seats are among the most comfortable in the industry. The reason? Unlike our competitors, we factor comfort into every phase of development, from ideation to production. Magna Seating’s Center for BioSciences™ comprises experts in biomechanics and ergonomics who leverage our decades of experience, proprietary tools and techniques to craft one thing: a customer-pleasing seating experience. Quite simply, our seats are better built for comfort – right from the start.

Magna’s complete approach to comfort starts with deep dives into the minds of consumers, converting their comfort needs into the insights that feed our innovations. We design for physical variables that impact comfort including body size, age and gender, as well as market-specific considerations such as the desire for larger seats as a reflection of wealth and status. Safety and structural elements, along with customer-driven design cues, are factored to ensure the right materials and support are used to deliver security and comfort in style. Human interaction with the interior to avoid stresses is also built in. Combined with our propriety data and virtual design methods, our BioScience engineers our seats for enhanced human fit and function through fewer iterations for increased customer satisfaction and performance, and reduced development times and costs.

Seat Comfort and Age of Autonomy

by Alison Smith, Lead Biomechanical Engineer, Magna Seating Center for Biosciences

CAD design of a car seat