Reconfigurable Seating

Reconfigurable seats on a track

It's About Time.

We are creating reconfigurable solutions that enable the vehicle to adapt to the consumer, instead of forcing the consumer to adapt to the vehicle. Experience the transformation of the vehicle cabin for long road trips, cargo transport services and as a mobile meeting space through an industry first demonstration of the Stadium Swivel IP Nesting seat on Power Long Rails. The result is value-added time and increased utilization for drivers and passengers, making it the ideal seat of the future.

Experience Reconfigurable Seating
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Reconfigurable Seating

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Car Sharing

Cargo Mode

The future of mobility brings the opportunity to share your car while you are at work to support your community and even make money. Step into a virtual reality simulation to see how this would work with our cargo mode seat configuration.

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Long Road Trip

Campfire Mode

When we lived with consumers around the globe to learn how they use seats—we uncovered a constant theme that comfort and flexibility is key. Magna’s campfire mode configuration, personal sound zones, 3 wide seating and more make it easy. Check out this virtual reality simulation to see how we make the long road trip much more enjoyable in the future.

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Ride Sharing

Conference Mode

Autonomous ride sharing opens up endless possibilities to use your time more productively in the vehicle. Join us as we share a vision of having a mobile meeting with your colleagues while in route to your next client pitch as well as personal sound zones to enable private conversations.

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Making Reconfigurable Seating future ready

It's About Time.

At CES 2019, we debuted our vision for the next generation of reconfigurable seating. Today it is becoming a reality with an industry first demonstration of Stadium Swivel on Power Long Rails.

Reconfigurable Seats on a track

Envisioning Seats of the Future

When Magna’s seating experts set out to design flexible vehicle interiors that can be configured with the touch of a smartphone screen, they spent time with families across several continents to gain on-the-ground insight.