Sustainable Seating

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With a focus on our ecosystem, our seats are made with recycled and bio-based materials. The circular economy is at the center of our vision. We look at a vehicle’s end of life as an opportunity to create a new recycled seat. Our seats enable a cleaner mobility, utilizing our EcoSphere™ product family made up of foam, trim foundation, face goods and structures. We are doing our part to create a better world of mobility, responsibly. Transporting you in ecofriendly comfort and style.

EcoSphere™ Trim Foundation

Our trim foundation sustainable solutions utilize recycled and bio-based content to support the circular economy.

EcoSphere™ Foam

Creating bio-based and recycled solutions for commercialization of polyurethane foam replacement with a focus on circular economy.

EcoSphere™ Face Goods

Magna has the capability to work with a wide range of face good materials that align with our sustainable solutions, enable a melt-recyclable trim cover and premium seat craftsmanship.

EcoSphere™ Structures

Innovating seat structures that utilize the latest advancements in light weight mechanisms, materials and process.


Committed to making a difference.