Summary of Dividends 1999-2001

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Summary of Dividends paid on Class A Subordinate Voting Shares and Class B Shares of Magna International Inc. (TSX: MG.A, NYSE: MGA and TSX: MG.B)

The table below shows the actual dividend payment amount per share for each of the applicable periods referenced.  Please note that the Class B Shares (MG.B) were de-listed after the close of trading on Friday, September 21, 2007.

DeclaredRecordPaymentDeclared AmountEquivalent Amount Type
Nov 7, 2001Nov 30, 2001Dec 14, 2001US$0.34CAD$0.216Cash
Aug 8, 2001Aug 31, 2001Sep 17, 2001US$0.34CAD$0.220Cash
May 2, 2001May 31, 2001Jun 15, 2001US$0.34CAD$0.220Cash
Feb 21, 2001Mar 5, 2001Mar 16, 2001US$0.34CAD$0.220Cash
Nov 15, 2000Nov 30, 2000Dec 15, 2000US$0.34 CAD$0.221Cash
Aug 16, 2000Aug 31, 2000Sep 15, 2000US$0.30 CAD$0.204Cash
May 18, 2000May 31, 2000Jun 15, 2000US$0.30 CAD$0.200Cash
Feb 14, 2000Feb 25, 2000Mar 10, 2000US$0.30 CAD$0.207Cash & (2)

(2) Stock Dividend of Magna Entertainment Corporation Class A Subordinate Voting Shares: A special stock dividend of one-fifth of one share of Class A Subordinate Voting Stock of Magna Entertainment Corporation, Magna's non-automotive subsidiary, for each Magna Class A Subordinate Voting Share and for each Magna Class B Share was paid on March 10, 2000. Shareholders of Magna resident in Canada were issued Exchangeable Shares of MEC Holdings (Canada) Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of Magna Entertainment Corp., rather than Class A Subordinate Voting Stock of Magna Entertainment Corporation unless they specifically elected otherwise in writing. Cash was distributed in lieu of fractional shares.

Nov 5, 1999Nov 30, 1999Dec 15, 1999US$0.25CAD$0.170Cash
Aug 11, 1999Aug 31, 1999Sep 15, 1999US$0.25CAD$0.167Cash
May 14, 1999May 31, 1999Jun 15, 1999US$0.25CAD$0.169Cash
Mar 8, 1999Mar 31, 1999Apr 15, 1999US$0.14CAD$0.093Cash (3)

Company previously reported in CAD Dollars & had a fiscal year ending in July. Now the Company reports in US Dollars & has a calendar year ending in December.

Dec 10, 1998Dec 31, 1998Jan 15, 1999CAD$0.33 US$0.216Cash

(3) This dividend represents the 2-month period ended December 31, 1998 as Magna changed its year end from a fiscal year ending in July to a calendar year ending in December 1998.