Our Vision for the Car of the Future
The mobility landscape is transforming, driven by new technology and changing consumer preferences. As a dedicated leader, Magna spearheads innovations that resonate across the automotive industry, positioning us for the Car of the Future. This software- and systems-defined vehicle will be equipped with active safety features and connected capabilities, while embracing advancements in electrification. It will be embedded with Magna innovations designed to enhance safety, intelligence, and sustainability.

Our full systems approach and deep product expertise allows us to understand the complete picture and deliver solutions that respond to evolving market opportunities. We continually make advancements in our areas of expertise, from enhancing driver assistance systems to pioneering new eco innovations.

At Magna, every step we take is guided by a broader purpose: to advance mobility for everyone and everything. We are driven by the vision of creating a future where mobility is accessible, sustainable, and inclusive. By aligning our expertise with this purpose, we contribute to shaping a better automotive industry and a more connected world.

All-Encompassing Magna Technologies

Eco Innovation means technologies for the future – from aerodynamics and powertrain to software, manufacturing processes and nearly everything in between.

These innovations solve complex problems and help our customers fulfill their vision. They also have a significant impact on sustainability and efficiency throughout the value chain and product life cycle.

Flexing Our eDrive Muscle

Magna’s comprehensive hybrid and electric powertrain portfolio is taking vehicle electrification to the next level of efficiency and range. Our next generation 800V eDrive solution sets new standards in efficiency, power-to-weight ratio, and torque density. The system will minimize our reliance on aluminum and heavy rare earth materials, and lower CO2 emissions during production by about 20%.

Strengthening EV Safety and Structure

We are leveraging our foundational structures expertise and contributing to the overall structural and safety aspects of an EV through our battery enclosures, offering customers a competitive advantage in the development of these complex assemblies featuring a range of state-of-the-art joining and sealing techniques. This is one of Magna’s fastest growing businesses.

Expanding Presence in the Value Chain

The LG Magna e-Powertrain joint venture is a key contributor to our expanded presence in the EV value chain. With production of motors, inverters, and on-board chargers at a new facility in Mexico and an additional facility under development in Hungary, we are well positioned to keep pace as global EV production continues to increase.

Building on Market-Leading Camera Expertise

Our Gen5 front camera module system is a one-box system that delivers road safety through long-range and side object detection. With production already underway, the high-resolution camera’s microcontroller is scalable for sensor fusion with up to five radars and offers leading active safety solutions.