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Summary of Dividends paid on Common Shares of Magna International Inc.

The table below shows the actual dividend payment amount per share for each of the applicable periods referenced. Please note the Class A Subordinate Voting Shares were re-named Common Shares on Tuesday, August 31, 2010. Please note that the Class B Shares (MG.B) were de-listed after the close of trading on Friday, September 21, 2007, and were subsequently cancelled on Tuesday, August 31, 2010.

DeclaredRecordPaymentDeclared AmountEquivalent AmountType
May 2, 2024May 17, 2024May 31, 2024US$0.475CAD 0.646713Cash
Feb 8, 2024Feb 23, 2024Mar 8, 2024US$0.475CAD 0.640965 Cash
Nov 2, 2023Nov 17, 2023Dec 1, 2023US$0.46CAD 0.631212Cash
Aug 3, 2023Aug 18, 2023Sept 1, 2023US$0.46CAD 0.623392Cash
May 4, 2023May 19, 2023June 2, 2023US$0.46CAD 0.621138Cash
Feb 9, 2023Feb 24, 2023Mar 10, 2023US$0.46CAD 0.626612Cash
Nov 3, 2022Nov 18, 2022Dec 2, 2022US$0.45CAD 0.602325Cash
July 28, 2022Aug 12, 2022Aug 26, 2022US$0.45

CAD 0.575235

Apr 28, 2022May 13, 2022May 27, 2022US$0.45

CAD 0.582885

Feb 10, 2022Feb 25, 2022Mar 11, 2022US$0.45

CAD 0.573615

Nov 4, 2021Nov 19, 2021Dec 3, 2021US$0.43

CAD 0.543477

Aug 5, 2021Aug 20, 2021Sept 3, 2021US$0.43CAD 0.552808Cash
May 5, 2021May 21, 2021June 4, 2021US$0.43CAD 0.518623Cash
Feb 18, 2021Mar 5, 2021Mar 19, 2021US$0.43

CAD 0.544724

Nov 5, 2020Nov 20, 2020Dec 4, 2020US$0.40CAD 0.522840Cash
Aug 6, 2020Aug 21, 2020Sept 4, 2020US$0.40CAD 0.528200Cash
May 6, 2020May 22, 2020June 5, 2020US$0.40CAD 0.560600Cash
Feb 20, 2020Mar 6, 2020Mar 20, 2020US$0.40CAD 0.536840Cash
Nov 7, 2019Nov 22, 2019Dec 6, 2019US$0.365CAD 0.4849755Cash
Aug 7, 2019Aug 23, 2019Sept 6, 2019US$0.365

CAD 0.485815

May 8, 2019May 24, 2019June 7, 2019US$0.365CAD 0.4908155Cash
Feb 21, 2019Mar 8, 2019Mar 22, 2019US$0.365CAD 0.489903Cash
Nov 7, 2018Nov 23, 2018Dec 7, 2018US$0.33CAD 0.436524Cash
Aug 7, 2018Aug 31, 2018Sept 14, 2018US$0.33CAD 0.430815Cash
May 9, 2018May 25, 2018June 8, 2018US$0.33CAD 0.428142Cash
Feb 21, 2018Mar 9, 2018Mar 23, 2018 US$0.33CAD 0.423720Cash
Nov 8, 2017Nov 24, 2017 Dec 8, 2017US$0.275CAD 0.349470Cash
Aug 10, 2017Sept 1, 2017Sept 15, 2017US$0.275CAD 0.340725Cash
May 10, 2017May 26, 2017June 9, 2017US$0.275CAD 0.370040Cash
Feb 23, 2017Mar 10, 2017Mar 24, 2017US$0.275CAD 0.370398Cash
Nov 3, 2016Nov 25, 2016Dec 9, 2016US$0.25CAD 0.337850Cash
Aug 4, 2016Aug 26, 2016Sept 9, 2016US$0.25CAD 0.323675 Cash
May 4, 2016May 27, 2016June 10, 2016US$0.25CAD 0.325075Cash
Feb 25, 2016Mar 11, 2016Mar 24, 2016US$0.25CAD 0.330375Cash
Nov 4, 2015Nov 27, 2015Dec 11, 2015US$0.22CAD 0.29392Cash
Aug 6, 2015Aug 28, 2015Sept 11, 2015US$0.22CAD 0.291918Cash
May 6, 2015May 29, 2015 June 12, 2015US$0.22CAD 0.27423Cash
Feb 24, 2015Mar 13, 2015Mar 27, 2015 US$0.22*** CAD 0.2817Cash
Nov 5, 2014Nov 28, 2014 Dec 12, 2014US$0.38CAD 0.434226Cash
Aug 7, 2014Aug 29, 2014Sept 12, 2014US$0.38CAD 0.412604Cash
May 7, 2014May 30, 2014June 13, 2014US$0.38CAD 0.412946Cash
Feb 28, 2014Mar 14, 2014Mar 28, 2014US$0.38CAD 0.421306Cash 
Nov 5, 2013Nov 29, 2013Dec 13, 2013US$0.32CAD 0.339168Cash
Aug 8, 2013Aug 30, 2013 Sept 16, 2013US$0.32CAD 0.337696Cash
May 9, 2013May 31, 2013June 17, 2013US$0.32CAD 0.330848Cash
Feb 28, 2013Mar 13, 2013Mar 27, 2013US$0.32CAD 0.328736Cash
Nov 7, 2012Nov 30, 20122 Dec 14, 2012US$0.275CAD 0.27313Cash 
Aug 9, 2012Aug 31, 2012Sept 14, 2012US$0.275CAD 0.2712325 Cash 
May 9, 2012May 31, 2012June 15, 2012US$0.275CAD 0.284598 Cash
Feb 23, 2012Mar 12, 2012 Mar 23, 2012 US$0.275CAD 0.2731225Cash 
Nov 3, 2011Nov 30, 2011Dec 15, 2011US$0.25CAD 0.254925Cash
Aug 4, 2011Aug 31, 2011Sept 15, 2011US$0.25CAD 0.244600Cash
May 3, 2011May 31, 2011June 15, 2011US$0.25CAD 0.242200Cash
Feb 23, 2011Mar 11, 2011Mar 23, 2011US$0.25CAD 0.243350Cash
Nov 4, 2010Nov 30, 2010Dec 15, 2010US$0.18***CAD 0.184752Cash
Aug 5, 2010Aug 31, 2010Sept 15, 2010US$0.30CAD 0.319170Cash
May 5, 2010May 31, 2010June 15, 2010US$0.18CAD 0.188316Cash
Feb 23, 2009Mar 12, 2009Mar 23, 2009US$0.18CAD 0.232290Cash


*A two-for-one stock split was approved February 24, 2015.  One additional Common Share for each Common share held will be issued to each shareholder of record at the close of business March 11, 2015 and mailed to shareholders on or about March 25, 2015.

**A two-for-one stock split was approved November 4, 2010. One additional Common Share for each Common Share held will be issued to each shareholder of record at the close of business on November 16, 2010, and mailed to shareholders on or about November 24, 2010.

*** (on post-stock split basis)

The dividend payment amount per share (shown in the above table) is the actual amount paid per share and no adjustments have been made for stock splits, however, the splits are shown for clarification.

Our Board reserves the right to modify the dividend at any time and for any reason, subject to the requirements of the Corporate Constitution, particularly in response to financial, economic, operating or other relevant circumstances.

Ex-Dividend Dates

Ex-dividend dates are set by the exchanges. We do not publish ex-dividend dates for the Magna Common Shares. Currently the ex-dividend date is the second business day prior to the record date. We recommend that you always confirm this with your broker or the applicable exchange.

Magna Shareholder Guide

For registered shareholders and DRIP holders, please click HERE to download the Magna Shareholder Guide regarding the set up of your Magna online account with TSX Trust Company and Shareholder FAQs.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

We have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan whereby registered shareholders of the Common Shares have the option to receive their dividends in the form of Common Shares in lieu of cash.

How does a Shareholder become a Participant in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Any registered holder of Magna Common Shares may become a Participant in the DRIP at any time by completing an "Enrolment Form" and sending it to our Transfer Agent. A beneficial owner of Common Shares who is not a registered shareholder (for example, a person whose shares are held and registered in a nominee account, such as in the name of a broker) must become a holder of record by having his/her shares transferred into his/her own name or into a specific segregated registered account (for example, a numbered account with a bank or trust company with the bank's or trust company's concurrence), in order to participate in the DRIP.

If you are a Canadian registered holder of Magna Common (formerly Class A Subordinate Voting) Shares, please view the Offering Circular and letter to you. If you are not a Canadian registered shareholder, please view the Prospectus and letter to you.

Withholding Tax

Dividends on Common Shares and any special stock dividends, when payable to holders that are non-residents of Canada, are generally subject to withholding tax at a rate of 25%, unless reduced, according to the provisions of the applicable tax treaty.

We do not maintain a stock purchase plan. If you decide to invest, you must purchase shares through a broker or through an on-line trading service. A registered shareholder of the Common Shares may automatically reinvest their cash dividends in additional Magna Common Shares through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

Shareholders Filing Canadian Personal Income Tax Returns

Shareholders filing Canadian personal income tax returns should be aware that certain dividends deemed to have been received or received after 2005 that are designated as "eligible dividends" under the Income Tax Act (Canada) by the paying corporation will be eligible for more favourable treatment for Canadian income tax purposes than other dividends that are deemed to have been received or received by them. Specifically, such eligible dividends will be eligible for an enhanced dividend tax credit under federal income tax legislation. Magna has determined that dividends deemed to have been received or paid after 2005 on its shares qualify to be designated as eligible dividends and therefore to benefit from the enhanced dividend tax credit regime. Accordingly, applicable to all dividends deemed to have been paid or paid by Magna on its shares for 2006 and subsequent years, unless indicated otherwise in respect of specific dividends, and until removal of this notice, Magna hereby designates all such dividends to be "eligible dividends" as such term is defined under subsection 89(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Shareholders Filing U.S. Personal Income Tax Returns

If you are a shareholder filing a U.S. personal income tax return, you should be aware that on May 28, 2003, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (the "Act") was signed into law. The Act, as amended by the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, reduces the rates of tax on dividends received from January 1, 2003 until December 31, 2010 from U.S. corporations and "Qualified Foreign Corporations" as defined in the Act. The determination as to whether we meet the definition of a "Qualified Foreign Corporation" must be reviewed annually. For 2007, we understand that Magna is a "Qualified Foreign Corporation". Therefore, the reduced tax rates under the Act should apply with respect to dividends paid to individual Magna shareholders subject to U.S. federal income tax. Dividends are not eligible for the reduced rates if a Magna shareholder has held the Magna share(s) for less than 61 days during the 121-day period beginning 60 days before the ex-dividend date for that dividend. Please note that the U.S. federal income tax treatment is dependent upon individual tax circumstances. Therefore, you should consult your own tax advisor regarding this or any other taxation issue.