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If you are a startup looking to break into traditional automotive or the new mobility space, look no further. Magna can be just the launching pad you need.

About Us

Magna's Technology Investments team embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that has been at the core of Magna International since its founding, 65 years ago.

We are not a separate investment fund. As a group of experienced venture professionals, we are embedded within Magna’s corporate team and looking for opportunities to invest and partner with start-up companies. We advance Magna’s global strategy by helping you grow and succeed in the ever-evolving mobility market.

With operations in 28 countries and 343 manufacturing centers around the world, Magna is uniquely suited to help build your technology, at scale.

Talk to us about opportunities to work together to advance mobility for everyone and everything.

3D rendering of new car technology

Areas of Interest

Our Magna Technology Investments team focuses on the future of the vehicle and the future of our industry. A venture pitch to Magna could include new technologies or business model innovations involving vehicles, manufacturing, transportation, mobility, infrastructure or other related topics.


  • Advanced Robotics
  • Quality Inspection
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Data for Operations


  • Sustainable Materials
  • Advanced Composites
  • Bigger, faster, more durable and less expensive
  • Recyclability consumer


  • New Form Factors
  • Service Delivery
  • New Business Models
  • New Entrants
  • Public Transportation
  • Experiences


  • Inverters
  • Electric Motors
  • Infrastructure
  • New Entrants
  • Experiences


  • Next Gen Sensors
  • Operating Systems
  • Teleoperations
  • Software
  • Experiences
  • Advanced Compute
Swamy Kotagiri, CEO, Magna International
Over the next decade, we will continue to experience profound changes in the mobility industry. Collaborating with start-ups and expanding our ecosystem is a key part of our strategy to unlocking new business models and markets.
Swamy Kotagiri
Chief Executive Officer

Start the future.
This is our process.

If you are a startup with an innovative mobility solution or a promising new technology in our core investment areas, please submit your pitch to us.

1. Introduction
  • Entry point into Magna is with our Investment team
  • Get to know each other
  • Pitch the company and technology/concept
2. Evaluation
  • Follow-up meetings internally at Magna
  • Introduction to Magna subject matter experts
  • Further technology evaluation
3. Scoping
  • Consider partnership structure
  • Negotiate terms
  • Pre-approval with Magna investment committee
4. Deal
  • Finalize investment terms
  • Finalize side-letter agreement
  • Sign and secure funding
We’re on a mission to find people and companies that want to do something enormous
Josh Berg
Managing Director
Magna Technology Investments
Joshua Berg

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