Enhancing safety & convenience

Magna specializes in providing comprehensive solutions that deliver advanced driver assistance systems. Our portfolio is designed to be scalable, creating opportunities for integration and allowing us to supply solutions for every need. We continue to develop market-leading products and systems that deliver enhanced safety and convenience.

Collective Perception

Collective Perception creates a digital twin of the real-world environment by sharing sensor information with cloud infrastructure. This cutting-edge technology enhances situational awareness for connected vehicles, providing a safer driving experience. It is a forward-thinking safety feature that surpasses the capabilities of local sensors.

Vehicle sensor information can be shared with cloud infrastructure.

Systems Integration

At a systems level, we take responsibility for the entire process, including the supply and integration of sensor suite, ensuring seamless functionality of features, software, and middleware. Our focus is on optimizing vehicle performance and validation, empowering OEMs to differentiate their brand and focus on the user experience.

Ghosted image of vehicle highlighting sensors
Collision Avoidance - Cross Traffic Alert


At Magna, we develop technologies that enable future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, features for future autonomous driving and new mobility solutions.

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