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You are the future of the industry, you are the next generation of Magna.

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Dream big. Grow your career. We’ll create the future of mobility, together.

Shape the Future
You are part of the design, development and manufacturing of the world’s most advanced mobility technology. Innovations that move families, shape communities and improve lives. Regardless of your role or location, you’re helping to change the world.
Build Your Career
Every career journey is unique. You have the autonomy to follow your passions, to share your ideas and shape your own career path. Your professional development is our priority.
Join the Team
You’re joining a team where you are supported by a diverse group of friendly and collaborative people, with a shared passion for the work we do. You are part of an entrepreneurial culture, that celebrates your achievements and is built on a foundation of fairness and respect.

Meet the Team

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Why work for one company?

When you can work for an entire industry.

The roads of tomorrow will be shaped by those who can envision it. In the right environment, your ideas can turn into industry-changing automotive technologies and improve the lives of people around the world. We can help you do it. Let's create a better future, together.

Forward. For all.

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