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Prime Real Estate for Feature Integration

Electronics have enabled mirrors to transform into vision systems which offer increased safety features and allow for unique styling. Magna is a leading full system supplier for innovative vision systems to the global automotive industry.

Interior Mirrors

Synergy Between Glass and Electronics

Magna is a global leader in providing high-tech interior mirrors that improve both the safety and overall aesthetics of the vehicle. Interior mirrors are not just a piece of glass, but are prime real estate for electronics integration.



The ClearView™ inside mirror switches between a traditional reflective surface and a full-size display showing an unobstructed view from the rear-mounted camera. A larger field of view, dynamic overlays, and improved low light visibility are only some of the benefits of ClearView™.

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Mirror Integrated Driver & Occupant Monitoring System

Proven camera based solution that actively monitors, predicts and reduces distracted driving through customizable alerts and notifications. The system also features in-cabin detection for enhanced safety.



Standard prismatic mirrors allow the driver to see behind the vehicle while giving the option to reduce glare by changing the angle of the mirror prism inside.

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Auto Dimming

Electrochromic (EC) mirrors improve safety by reducing glare in the inside mirror. When integrated sensors detect glare they automatically dim the inside mirror to reduce driver discomfort.


Infinity™ Mirror

The PACE award-winning Infinity™ mirror has a polished edge that radically changes the vanilla look of the traditional plastic bezeled EC and prismatic interior mirrors. Infinity mirror provides a jewel-like appearance while improving forward visibility by 15 to 25 percent.

Exterior Mirrors

Styling and Safety in One Package

Magna is a global leader providing high-tech exterior mirrors that not only improve safety, but improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Exterior mirrors provide rearward vision while integrated electronics improve vehicle visibility and safety.



The ClearView™ outside mirror integrates a camera into a traditional mirror which is regulatory compliant. Featuring a larger field of view, intuitive dynamic overlays, reduced drag and improved low light visibility, the systems displays a live feed from the camera on a screen integrated on the A-pillar.

Also available as a camera-wing only option, ClearView™ provides an abundance of features and styling possibilities.



First-to-market outside mirror that features a fully integrated turn signal laser cut into the mirror housing. This production method results in a turn signal that is nearly invisible when not in use.

Lincoln MKC

Projection Lighting

Enhance vehicle styling with a downward facing light that allows ground illumination, logo lighting or both. Projection lighting modules provide opportunities for customer branding and can be packaged either in the outside mirror or door handle.


Blind Spot Detection

Electronic Blind Zone Indicators (BZI) and the PACE award-winning BlindZoneMirror™ enhance vehicle safety by providing increased awareness of the vehicle's blind spots.


Robust. Efficient. Quiet.

Magna is a global leader in actuator design and manufacturing. Our actuators that enable features such as automatic power folding mirrors, mirror memory functions and other vehicle features. Robust, efficient and quiet – our actuators provide best in class performance and support any vehicle requirement.


Powerfold Actuators

Powerfold Actuators allow for automatic mirror folding to reduce mirror collisions. Magna offers reliable and robust actuators to suit any vehicle.


Mirror Glass Actuators

Precise and quiet movement of the exterior glass is provided in a compact and robust package.


Active Aerodynamics

Active Aerodynamic Actuators are used for electrical movement of flaps, spoilers and wheel spats. These Actuators are focused on minimizing vehicle drag to improve fuel economy on ICE and to extend range on PHEV and EV.


Grill Shutter Actuators

Grill Shutter Actuators are used for electrical movement of flaps in the active grill, which improves the drag coefficient and the thermal management of the engine compartment. Actuators are suitable for ICE, PHEV and EV.


HVAC Actuators

Magna's HVAC actuators are used to control the movement of the flaps used in the heating and air conditioning system. These actuators are designed to operate in all conditions with low noise.

Overhead Consoles

Enhancing the Driver Experience Through Feature Integration

Magna is a complete system supplier for overhead consoles that increase luxury, functionality and safety. Our focus is in the integration of technology and electronics to enhance style, safety and convenience within the vehicle.


Advanced Overhead Consoles

Magna’s advanced overhead consoles are customizable to integrate sensors and displays that offer a variety of features such as Driver Monitoring that increase safety and enhance the driving experience.


Human Machine Interface - HMI

Magna offers a variety of HMI solutions ranging from tactile and capacitive buttons to more advanced systems including Haptic feedback.



Leveraging automotive lighting expertise, Magna offers a full suite of integrated lighting solutions for overhead consoles including dome, RGB, ambient lighting, map and logo lights.

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Magna's ClearView™ Vision System Comes to Market

Magna’s advanced ClearView™ vision technology designed to make vehicles smarter and safer has made its production debut on the Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty trucks. The unique system, which bundles camera and mirror technology, has the potential to reduce blind-spot accidents and promote safety by enhancing visibility around the vehicle. ClearView™ also provides other benefits including making it easier to park and maneuver the vehicle.