Driver Assistance

Bridging the human interface with vehicle technology.

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Driver Assistance

Front integration panels

Get to know the front panels that integrate state-of-the-art sensors, cameras and light technologies.

Complete Radar Portfolio

Comprehensive Radar portfolio including front and corner sensors with scalable performance from standard blind spot detection through high performance 4D imaging.

Driver Monitoring System

The Magna Driver Monitoring System uses advanced driver assistance technology to detect driver drowsiness and distraction, enhancing safety on the road.

ClearView™ Vision System

Designed to make vehicles smarter and safer, ClearView™ enhances visibility by providing an unobstructed rear view from camera’s integrated into the exterior of the vehicle.

How we interact with our vehicles can change the way we think about mobility.

Access, awareness, and interaction are all key to building an exceptional driving experience from the moment you approach the vehicle, to the time you reach your destination. We are making the vehicle aware of the driver’s needs and surroundings to making the roads safer by reducing human error.