Eco Innovation

Exceptional driving experiences that are kinder to the planet.

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Eco Innovation

EtelligentReach BEV Powertrain

Discover Magna’s eDrive systems including EtelligentReach which is a fully electric drive solution that increases range without compromising driving dynamics and safety.

Active Aerodynamics

Discover the sustainable automotive technologies that make vehicles go faster and further for less.

Integration of alternative propulsion systems

Learn more about the role of alternative propulsion systems in today’s battery electric vehicles from low energy consumptions tactics to prioritizing driving dynamics.

Improved performance and increased efficiency can coexist when we look at vehicle performance from every angle.

We are bringing power to the wheels with electrified powertrain solutions, managing air flow through active aerodynamics, and optimizing vehicle weight with new material innovations all play a key role. We are making sure exceptional driving experiences don’t need to come at the expense of the planet.