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Complete Vehicle Expertise, Right Down to the Fuel System

At Magna, we are experts when it comes to meeting OEMs’ exact requirements with our high-quality fuel systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our success is built on decades of experience in the automotive industry, comprehensive vehicle engineering expertise, and the latest production technologies. We never stop developing our processes and materials, and this commitment to constant innovation helps us translate our competitive edge into real benefits for our customers.

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Passenger Car Fuel Tank Systems

Driving Forward Fuel Tank Systems for the Global Market

Magna is an independent, global leader in the automotive sector, and a key partner for a wide range of OEMs. We have decades of experience producing fuel tank systems at high volumes, and we make sure our customers get the benefit of that experience. We understand the automotive industry’s exacting quality requirements and can deliver comprehensive and customer-specific solutions, all backed by the very latest production techniques and state-of-the-art facilities.


Pressurized Tanks for PHEV

With our many years of experience, advanced process expertise and proven track record in integrating systems, every system we provide to our customers is tailored to their exact needs and requirements. Our pressurized fuel tanks for plug-in hybrids lower overall vehicle weight without reducing maximum range, thus reducing overall emissions.


Conventional Fuel Tanks

Both our plastic and metal fuel tank systems integrate perfectly into the vehicle’s system architecture. They can also be fitted with impact protection to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Truck Fuel Tank Systems

Fully-Compliant Systems for Long Range and Reduced Production Complexity

When it comes to meeting the dynamic demands of the truck market, OEMs are facing multiple challenges. They are expected to make their production processes more efficient just as new legislation is increasing product complexity. The space set aside for tanks and components is precisely calculated, and has to be utilized to the fullest. Magna is a reliable, expert partner for commercial vehicle solutions, from our standard steel or aluminum truck tanks to the innovative Combi Tank, designed to carry diesel and urea, and a full range of related products, such as our Integrated Tank Carrier and our Fuel & Fueling Supply System. Magna can provide everything you need under one roof, and we take responsibility for the whole development process – from the initial concept right through to the final product.


Combi Tank

Most systems for transporting diesel and urea currently on the market feature separate tanks, attached to the vehicle using various brackets and straps. This solution takes up space that cannot then be used to transport any kind of liquid. To solve this problem, Magna has developed the Combi Tank, a hybrid solution that carries diesel and urea in a single tank. The innovative system features Inner Layer Coating (ILC) technology allowing urea to be transported safely. The Combi Tank also comes with special baffles, which are attached using a mechanical process known as clinching. This technique requires zero welding, thus providing a more efficient, higher-quality and more cost-effective alternative to traditional welded baffles.


Integrated Tank Carrier

The space allocated for tanks on most trucks is highly restricted. On the other hand, a bigger tank can carry more fuel and extend your range. Magna has developed a sophisticated mounting system that makes the most of the available tank space. Our new solution requires a fraction of the number of parts used in traditional systems, and removes the need for L-shaped brackets, rubber supports and straps. This system is easy to assemble and ensures the fuel tank is correctly positioned within the truck body.


Fuel & Fueling Supply System

With Magna’s innovative Fuel & Fueling Supply System truck OEMs can take their fuel tanks to the next level. A residue reservoir in the truck tank reduces the volume required for initial fueling to 20 liters and ensures a continuous fuel supply whenever the driver is on the road. The system is suitable for all types of fuel tanks, including standard tanks and Combi Tanks, and installing it will allow OEMs to achieve significant cost savings at the same time as increasing customer satisfaction.

Pipes & Components

The Global Leader in Fuel Tank Systems

As the world’s leading independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs, Magna relies on its many years of experience mass-producing components for fuel tank systems to maintain its competitive edge. We understand the automotive industry’s exacting quality requirements, and our global manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art production facilities mean we can provide comprehensive, bespoke solutions for our customers.


Filler Pipes

The filler pipe is the extended arm attached to the fuel tank – the part the driver uses when refueling the car. Magna are experts in fuel tank systems and filler pipe technologies, regardless of whether they are plastic or metal. Magna also produces many of the components required to manufacture filler pipes, so we can find design solutions that provide optimum performance and the highest levels of safety.


Components for Passenger Car and Truck Applications

As well as fuel tank systems, Magna also develops and manufactures the associated caps and components. Our range encompasses filler, urea, oil and radiator caps. Our reliable products meet the toughest safety and environmental standards, at the same time as providing maximum ease-of-use for the driver. Magna’s international network of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supplies our customers worldwide.

Alternative Energy Storage Systems

Innovating for the Future of Mobility

Our innovation strategy is focused on customer requirements and brand-defining features. Our extensive project management experience, our company values, and our commitment to flexibility are all reflected in our innovative portfolio. We are focused on initiatives designed to make individual mobility more environmentally friendly, and specialize in projects that use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible, thus reducing overall fuel consumption.


Hydrogen Storage Systems

All over the world, emissions regulations are becoming ever more stringent. Truck manufacturers are being forced to come up with solutions, including by delivering alternative propulsion systems. Hydrogen has the potential to complement fossil fuels in the future and, ultimately, to replace them entirely. Magna is playing a significant role in developing and manufacturing hydrogen storage systems for trucks. Our experts in Compressed Hydrogen Storage Systems (CHSS) and Liquid Hydrogen Storage Systems (LHSS) are preparing for whatever the future brings.


Lightweight CNG Storage Systems

Running vehicles on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a quick, cost-effective alternative to gasoline or diesel that can help manufacturers comply with the European Union (EU) directive on reducing CO2 emissions. Magna develops and manufactures high-quality dual-fuel CNG fuel-tank systems. These fuel tank systems consist of a deep-drawn plastic tank for gasoline and several CNG type IV containers. All the components, including mandatory impact protection, are accommodated in a single frame, so installing them in the vehicle is quick, simple and safe.