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The Fusion of Mechanical and Electronic

Magna is a leading full systems supplier of innovative mechatronics systems to the global automotive industry. Our designs fuse the capabilities of mechanical systems with the intelligence of electronic control systems to enable new ways of interacting with the vehicle. Our in-house electronics manufacturing expertise allows for seamless integration into any application.

Latching Systems

Luxury Without Compromising Safety

Latching systems improve interactions with the vehicle while keeping you safe when you need it most. Advancements in electronics integration allow for further convenience features while giving OEM's new styling opportunities.

Lincoln Continental - SmartLatch


Magna’s first to market SmartLatch™ is a next generation side door latch where all functions and features are controlled electronically through an integrated Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This results in a safer vehicle while giving OEMs styling options unavailable with a traditional latch.



Comfort+™ incorporates a ball bearing into the ratchet and pawl interface of a latch creating a more luxurious experience both within the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Higher allowable seal loads create a quieter cabin space when driving, while reduced efforts allow for a smoother door opening and closing feel.

Infiniti QX60 w Latch.jpgresize

Side Door Latches

Magna has a wide portfolio of latches that meet any requirement from mechanical latches to advanced electronic latches. Our latches are engineered to meet and exceed safety standards while giving options to increase functionality of a vehicle's doors using integrated electronics and motors. Features such as cinching and power release can be incorporated into any system.

boco 2

Secondary Latches

We support all closure systems bumper to bumper on a vehicle. Our portfolio includes hood latches, decklid or liftgate latches, sliding door latches, tailgate latches and more.


Pedestrian Protection Systems

Magna's pedestrian protection systems create a gap between the hood and engine which allows for a controlled deceleration during a pedestrian impact. The resulting crumple zone reduces the risk of injury to the pedestrian.

Power Closures

Enabling Maximum Consumer Comfort and Convenience

Mechatronics systems are the seamless blend of mechanical technology and electronics. Magna is a full system supplier of innovative mechatronics systems that are rapidly changing the way we interact with a vehicle. We design and produce solutions that encompass the entire vehicle, bumper to bumper, making it easier and more intuitive to access your vehicle.

Door Modules Attribute

Power Door

Smart sensors, motors, and electronics packaged into the side door allow for a door that no longer needs to be manually opened. Instead, it automatically presents itself. Our systems are able to detect when a passenger approaches the vehicle and can automatically open and close the door without any input.


Power Lift Gate & Trunk

Power liftgate systems are synonymous with convenience when loading and unloading your car. Our systems can make it even easier by allowing for touchless opening and closing of the liftgate. Having your hands full and trying to open your liftgate is a problem of the past.


Power Sliding Door

Magna produces sliding doors that are fast, quiet, and safe using the latest motor technologies and integrated electronics systems. Anti-pinch and obstacle detection systems ensure enhanced passenger safety.

Door Modules

Reducing Manufacturing Complexity

Door modules provide manufacturing savings by integrating all of the components of a door into a single carrier. Door modules are lighter and reduce general assembly operations which not only save on weight but cost as well.



LiteFlex™ is a revolutionary door system integrating glass run channels, rails and drum housing into a single piece resulting in significant weight savings. This also comes with the flexibility to be applied as a solution for vehicles of all segments.


Door Module Technologies

Designed to reduce manufacturing complexity, door modules can be made to suit any vehicle. Options include structural door or sealed modules, hardware trim or integrated trim modules, liftgate and tailgate modules, as well as complete mid-door modules.

Mechatronic Control Modules

The Brains Behind Mechatronics

Electronics enable advanced technologies that open up new ways of interacting with the vehicle. As a complete system supplier, our in-house electronics design and manufacturing capability allow us to seamlessly integrate new features and solutions into vehicles.


Electronic Control Units

ECUs control the function of mechatronics systems by taking input from the system and sensors and relaying commands to the mechanical components. Magna produces these in high-tech clean rooms while dedicated software development teams ensure all components communicate and operate seamlessly.


Obstacle Detection

Smart sensors ensure all of our systems operate safely and will stop if any object is detected within a pinch zone. Non-contact technologies are available which greatly increase the safety of any power closure mechanism.

Gesture Recognition Chip

Gesture Recognition

Sensors and integrated ECUs allow for new ways of interacting with the vehicle. Simply waving a hand or foot near a designated area on the vehicle can open or close any door.

Deployable Running Board

Deployable Running Board (DRB) for Complete System Integration

The DRB uses vehicle input switches and CAN messages to determine if it should deploy the power running boards on large trucks. The device can operate up to two brushed motors simultaneously.

The DRB is mounted directly on top of battery cell modules, connected internally to each cell, and to four temperature sensors. Communication link is daisy chained to every module in the pack (from two to eight modules).

Power Lift Gate 2

Power Lift Gate (PLG)

The Power Lift Gate (PLG) uses vehicle input switches and CAN messages to open the lift gate electrically on SUVs and trucks.

The PLG is mounted in the passenger compartment of most vehicles and connects vehicle CAN network to the trailer lighting system.

Trailer Module Chip

Trailer Control Module (TCM)

The TCM is mounted in the passenger compartment of most vehicles. Connects vehicle CAN network to the trailer lighting system. According to vehicle function, the lamps can be activated to switch on and off.

The system can also charge an on-trailer 12V battery, monitor the battery while in sleep mode, diagnose lamp failures and detect trailer connection and removal for anti-theft purposes. If CAN is lost, a "limp-home" backup is activated for safety and security.

Hinges & Wireforming

Customizable Solutions for Any Vehicle

Magna has full capability in the design and production of all hinges and wireforming products for a vehicle. Our technologies are engineered to be lighter and safer to support the next generation of vehicles.



Magna designs and produces hinge products that support the hood, side doors, and decklid/liftgate mechanisms in a vehicle.



We have full extrusion and bending capability of wire products that surround the vehicle. We manufacture everything from hood, door and torsion rods, to strikers, hangers and seat assemblies.



Using unique metal alloys, our products are created to be stronger and lighter, resulting in weight reduction and, ultimately, improved fuel economy.


Pedestrian Protection Systems

Hood hinges are part of what make our pedestrian protection systems work. Our hinges provide a dampening zone during a pedestrian impact which reduces the risk of injury. Active and passive systems are available.


The Gateway to the Vehicle

Magna develops and produces handles that increase styling opportunities and improve comfort and convenience for the consumer. A variety of finishes and technologies are available to tailor the handle to any requirement. Our world class mechatronics capabilities allow seamless integration of electronic handles into our latching systems.

Power Flush Handle on grey vehicle

Power Flush Handles

Power flush door handles use a standardized design with one common actuator for optimized packaging and best in class high torque output. System integration enables seamless authentication, advanced lighting features and SureTouch™ capacitive sensor for increased performance.

Lincoln Aviator Black Label Passenger door outer handle

Outside Handles

Magna develops and produces handles that increase styling opportunities and improve comfort and convenience for the consumer. A variety of finishes and materials can be used to suit the design language of any vehicle.

SmartAccess™ Charge Port Door

Improving the Vehicle Charging Experience

Combining industry leading actuator expertise and vertically integrated manufacturing, Magna’s automated charge port door is expertly designed to increase comfort and convenience for consumers of electric vehicles.

Sustainable Door Carrier

Plant Based, Lower Weight, High Impact Resistance

Magna's next generation door carrier offers 70-90% sustainable material with up to a 40% weight savings.

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