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Distinction & Experience

SmartAccess™ (B-Pillarless Power Door System)

Traditional vehicle access experiences are reimagined with the SmartAccess™ platform by combining mechanical expertise with advanced software capabilities. Discover how the SmartAccess™ B-Pillarless entry system transforms the consumer experience by removing the b-pillar from the vehicle structure.


Styling freedom like never before. See how Flecsform™ offers a thinner and more efficient lighting package.

Reconfigurable Seating

Distinction is brought to the next level with Magna’s reconfigurable seating. Read more about the innovative seating solution that is reshaping the future of the vehicle cabin and makes for time-saving convenience, flexibility and comfort.

Every automotive brand delivers a unique experience to their customers.

The perfect blend of innovative technologies and design expertise allows us to bring features and functions that improve the customers experience and enable design flexibility and distinction to powerful brands.

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