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Lighting the path to innovation, safety and styling

Exterior lighting is increasingly becoming a central styling differentiator while enhancing safety through improved vehicle visibility. Magna has a number of advanced lighting solutions to meet the needs of today while illuminating the path for tomorrow.

Forward Lighting

Illuminating the Road Ahead

Magna offers innovative forward lighting solutions that improve visibility and enable unique styling opportunities.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting systems of increased performance, longevity, and enable styling options with nearly unlimited flexibility. LEDs can be implemented into any forward lighting application.

Front Lighting Attribute

HID Lighting

HID, also known as Xenon headlights, allow for improved forward visibility compared to conventional Halogen lamps.

Vision Systems Front Lighting First Technology Attribute

D-Optic™ Headlamp

First-to-market LED headlamp offering unique styling. Utilizes multiple high-power 1x1 LEDs close coupled with injection-molded precise lenses.

Advanced Lighting Technology Glare free high beam

Advanced Lighting Technology

Magna is developing new technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. Glare free high beams, ADAS sensor integration, and laser welding processes enable new features and styling opportunities.

Rear Lighting

Keeping You Visible. Keeping You Safe.

Magna offers innovative rear lighting solutions that improve visibility and enable unique styling opportunities.


Dynamic LED Lighting

The illusion of motion can be applied to vehicle rear lighting through the use of individually lit LED sections. Dynamic tail lights and sequential turn signals can enhance visibility and styling.


LED Lighting

LED rear lighting offers increased efficiency and responsiveness compared to standard incandescent options. Vehicle styling can be enhanced through the use of LED solutions.


Evenly Lit Function

Evenly Lit Function technology provides an affordable homogeneous styling appearance to meet OEM styling needs.


Drive Sensing Technology

The integration of ADAS sensors into rear lighting allows for additional safety features such as lane keep assist and blind zone detection.


Advanced Rear Lighting

Magna is developing new technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. Micro LEDs, OLEDs, Surface Element Lighting and integrated ADAS are only the tip of the iceberg.


Process Innovation

Using innovative techniques like laser welding, laser ablation and in-mold film allow for new features and technologies.

Small Lighting

Accenting your style with technology.

Magna offers innovative small lighting solutions focused on LED technology to create a unique experience.

A close up image of head light


Projector and reflector based LED fog lamps offer design flexibility, colour and theme alignment to LED headlamps.

2019 Blazer DRL

LED Daytime Running Lamps

LED Daytime Running Lamps provide flexible brand defining shapes.

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Increasing driver safety through innovative signal lighting using LED technology and integrated design.


Dome Lamps and Interior Lighting

LED lighting that fits seamlessly into your vehicle interior.

Innovative Lighting

We are creating the future of lighting.

Developing innovative lighting solutions that offer improved visibility and unique styling using advanced technology.



Magna is developing new technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. FlecsForm™ enables thinner, more efficient lighting solutions that enhance styling.

IR Lighting

IR Lighting

Infrared lighting is a night vision assistance system making the roads safer and enabling ADAS.

A magna car

Lighting Integration

Magna leverages its full-vehicle expertise to develop innovative, brand-distinctive technologies such as lit-grilles, concealed lighting, liftgate integrated lamps and exterior panel lighting.

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Intelligent Interior Lighting

Intelligent Interior Lighting offers a new experience of ambient lighting by combining the advantages of digital LEDs, high performing optics and advanced communication.

Breakthrough Lighting - Lit Liftgate - Blue, red and white

Breakthrough Lighting

Brand Distinction and Design Freedom

Breakthrough Lighting allows for complete brand distinction and advances the communication between the user, vehicle and its surroundings.

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Explore FlecsForm™

Utilizing high speed direct transfer technology of mini LEDs, FlecsForm™ pushes the boundaries of lighting design in a thinner and more efficient package.

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