Quality, integrity, and trust are the foundation for doing business with our suppliers.

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Magna aims to select high quality, competitive suppliers, and work in collaboration with those suppliers to innovate and deliver world-class solutions.

Collaboration with our suppliers is a key part of our philosophy. Understanding that quality extends beyond the actual product, we take a wholistic approach to the entire manufacturing system. We even look outside of the auto industry for innovations. Working together, we are providing breakthrough technology today while also providing a road map for sustainable future mobility.

Supply Terms & Conditions
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Contractual Documents

Supplier Code of Conduct & Ethics

Magna’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics outlines the operational principles of Magna and the expectations we have for those suppliers providing goods or services to any Magna facility. It forms an integral part of Magna’s overall contractual relationship with each supplier and it is important that each supplier understands and abides by those principles.

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Global Labour Standards

Magna’s Global Labour Standards articulate our Fair Enterprise Culture and provide a framework for our commitment to fundamental human rights and international labour relations. We encourage business partners and suppliers throughout our value chain to adopt and enforce similar policies. We seek to identify and utilize business partners and suppliers who conduct their business and affairs in a manner consistent with these Global Labour Standards.

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Global Supply Chain Requirements

Magna's Global Supply Chain Requirements outline the expectations, requirements and standards applicable to all suppliers providing goods or services into any Magna facility.

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Global Packaging & Shipping Guidelines

Magna's Global Supply Chain Requirements outline the expectations, requirements and standards applicable to all suppliers providing goods or services into any Magna facility.

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Communications & Measurements

Supplier Quality Platform - QPF

Magna's Global Supplier Quality Management Platform (QPF) supports all aspects of the product life cycle, beginning with Advance Quality Planning and including all elements of Supply Chain Management, such as Audit activity, Complaint Management and Top Focus Supplier Development activities.

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Supplier Management System - ERFX

Magna's Supplier Management Tool ERFX is designed to manage supplier data, while also serving as an e-Sourcing tool, for a number of our Divisions.  The eRFX system is our global application for Supplier Performance Reporting and Document and Certificate Management.

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With its global facilities and operations, Magna is committed to working with suppliers from diverse cultural, geographic and ethnic backgrounds. We want to reflect the communities within which we do business and see that diversity as a competitive advantage.
Global Working Conditions
Magna is a global company operating on principles that ensure integrity and compliance in every aspect of our business. No matter where Magna does business, we are committed to upholding the highest working standards, and we expect the same from those suppliers working in partnership with us.
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North America

Magna is committed to meeting the future needs of our industry, including a focus on electrification, autonomy, lightweighting and materials. While Magna values the established ties with our current suppliers, we are always open to new relationships with capable companies who reflect our culture, entrepreneurial vision and innovative spirit.

South America

Recognizing the challenges inherent in a Global economy, we recognize the vast potential in those Global markets.  A significant increase in demand for new green technologies and a wave of innovation is beginning to sweep many regions, including South America, where Magna is currently present and actively growing.


The European auto industry continues to be an important market, and a market where we see significant challenges, including ever-increasing environmental regulations and controls. Working with our suppliers, Magna is poised to make strategic mobility decisions in a scalable, cost-effective way.


The Asian-Pacific market continues to provide significant domestic and export opportunities. Magna continues to grow in this region and we are effectively working with our suppliers to develop products for our Customers. Magna’s goal is to help our strategic suppliers and automakers, build on best practices of continuous improvement, quality and reliability.