Ideation Workshops


This year we are teaming up with innovation experts at Platypus Labs to empower employees to solve complex problems by unlocking their creative potential. The experts will walk through sections of the Innovation Toolkit and focus on the specific ask related to each phase of the process. They will also provide techniques to push thought processes further and develop ideas through the phases.

This webinars will only be provided in English.  Recordings of the events will be posted here for anyone who cannot attend live.

Innovation Energizer Kick-Off
May 11  |  8:30am – 9:15am EDT
Audience: All Employees

Activate your innovator Mindset

Whether you are participating or not, this webinar is a great way to learn about tools at your disposal to help develop an idea into something more. 

What if you could tackle significant real-world challenges in more creative and imaginative ways?

You will learn how to think differently through an ideation framework that can be used to solve any challenge, big or small.

YouTube video

Video - Chinese Audience

Ideation Workshop 1
June 08  |  8:30am – 9:15am EDT
Audience: Innovation Challenge Participants

A New Frame of Mind

Better questions lead to better results.  This workshop will reframe your challenge statement and help you determine a desired outcome.  Work through current pain points and define how your idea adds value. Review the judging criteria for the challenge and get your latest questions answered.

YouTube video

Video - Chinese Audience

Ideation Workshop 2
July 26  |  8:30am – 9:15am EDT
Audience: Innovation Challenge Phase 2 Participants

Hear from the Judges

As you prepare your Phase Two submission you will have the opportunity to hear directly from the judges scoring your ideas. Ask them questions and get real-time feedback to improve your idea. 

Invite only