Rendering of a vehicle showing how the camera works around the vehicle

Magna's camera portfolio is essential for high-performance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Highly Automated Driving (HAD) systems. Our advanced technology, powered by our world-class Front Camera Modules and Remote Camera Heads, enhances vehicle safety and convenience.

Magna's cutting-edge camera technology improves driver awareness and safety by providing an additional pair of eyes to track objects and scan surroundings for potential dangers. Through proactive alerts and actions that are both evasive and mitigative, our technology ensures a significantly safer driving experience.

Top Performance Ratings

Our cameras have received top performance ratings and have enabled our customers to achieve 5-star safety ratings for Euro NCAP 2018 and Euro NCAP 2020.

Variety of vehicle cameras

Front Camera Modules

Animation of vehicle driving on highway and the camera sensing the vehicle ahead
Magna's state-of-the-art Far Camera Modules consist of Mono Camera Modules and Stereo Camera Modules, offering the best range, resolution, and accuracy on the market. Magna’s FCMs are designed to comply with global automotive regulations, elevating driving capabilities to the next level.

Mono Camera Modules (MCM)

Magna’s latest Mono Camera Modules extend detection and range capabilities and are ideal for premium safety applications. They monitor the vehicle's path, providing reliable information to the control system and are equipped with a powerful processor that can trigger warnings, display information, and autonomously apply braking or steering actions.

Magna's MCMs provide:
  • 1.7- or 8-Mpix image resolution options
  • 100° or 120° horizontal field of view configurations

Our Gen. 5 MCM is the industry's first 8Mpix front-facing smart camera module, offering a complete "one-box" solution.

Stereo Camera Modules (SCM)

Magna's Stereo Camera Modules utilize a pair of highly synchronized and precisely aligned cameras to accurately detect objects within the driver's view. SCMs are mounted on the front windshield behind the rear-view mirror and capture depth information while creating a 3D representation of the surrounding environment.

Magna's SCMs provide:
  • 1.7-Mpix image resolution
  • 100° horizontal field of view configuration

Remote Camera Heads

Vehicle pulling into a driveway and the camera sensing any objects in the vehicle's path

Magna's Remote Camera Heads (RCH) are designed to align with the current trend of centralized and scalable software architecture, making them an integral component of sensor integration required for next-generation vehicle platforms. Our modular design allows for seamless integration with central computing units.

Wide Field of View RCH:
  • Up to 205° field of view
  • Image resolution options of 1Mpix, 2Mpix, and 3Mpix
  • Enable Cruise, View, Trailering, and Park features

High Resolution RCH:
  • Field of view options ranging from 30° to 120°
  • Image resolution options of 8Mpix, 12Mpix, and 17Mpix
  • Enable Collision Avoidance and Cruise features


Rendering of car avoiding a collision with a van

Collision Avoidance

  • Automated Emergency Braking (Front and Rear)
  • Emergency Steering Assist
  • Emergency Lane Keep Assist
  • Left Turn Across Path
  • Cross Traffic Alert
  • Vulnerable Road User AEB
  • Straight Cross Path AEB
  • Free Space / Road Surface Detection
Rendering of car driving along a highway with lane departure warning


  • Lane Detection/Lane Departure
  • Lane Keep/Change Assist
  • Automatic Lane Change
  • Lane Merge
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Integrated Cruise Assist
  • Intelligent Speed Adaptation
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Highway Pilot
  • Lighting Automation
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
Rendering of car pulling a trailer

View & Trailering

  • Trailer Hitch Assist
  • Trailer Angle Detection
  • Trailer Guidance
  • Trailer See Through
  • Trailer 360° View
  • 3D Surround View
  • Cross Traffic View
Rendering of car automatic parking


  • Automated Park Assist
  • Personal Park Assist
  • Autonomous Valet

Front Camera Modules

SVS 4 SCM 1.7MP Resolution 100 Degree FOV

SCM Gen. 4

Gen 5 MCM 8MP Resolution 120 Degree FOV

MCM Gen. 5

Gen 6 MCM 8MP Resolution 120 Degree FOV

MCM Gen. 6

Remote Camera Heads

Remote Camera Head Wide FoV

RCH - Wide FoV
1Mpix, 2Mpix, 3Mpix

Remote Camera Head High Resolution

RCH - High Resolution
8Mpix, 12Mpix, 17Mpix