Thermoplastic Swing Doors

Picture of purple, blue, red and orange lines running horizontally

Introducing the First Ever Thermoplastic Swing Doors

From carrying cargo to working on the job site, consumers have the option to choose their preferred method of rear access solutions to fit their lifestyle; a traditional liftgate or split swing doors. Both thermoplastic solutions are supplied as ready-to-install modules. This helps to reduce production time and improve line efficiency while saving on cost.
Thermoplastic Rear Swing Doors opened on a display

Intuitive Features
Wherever You Go

We manufacture thermoplastics from small to large applications. Just take a look at the video and see how our new swing doors solutions are lightweight, with highly useful integrated features.

From the inside out we are always looking at more useful ways we can enhance the vehicle!

With thermoplastics you can take all that large real estate on the interior of your panels and upgrade with integrated organizational features so your vehicle can be even more useful. From camping, cargo and working on the job these features will enhance your productivity.

Grey van camping equipment inside, with a pull out table, storage in doors and the thermoplastic swing doors open
Grey van with construction materials inside, storage on doors and pullout table with the thermoplastic swing doors open
Blue van with boxes inside and the thermoplastic swing doors open