Breakthrough Lighting Technology

Lighting for the Future.

First-to-market design innovation that enables transmissible light through polycarbonate and recycled thermoplastic.

Delivering opportunities for enhanced design, communications and functional features around the vehicle. ​

  • Breakthrough Lighting technology applied to lightweight, recycled thermoplastic, enabling design freedom
  • First-to-market design innovations demonstrate the “Power of Magna” and the company’s unique, in-house development and manufacturing capabilities
  • Through our diverse product offerings and through the power of magna we can work cohesively with other areas of the vehicle liking lighting
  • Ready for production on mobility applications in 2023


Breakthrough Lighting is no longer just a feature on a concept car. Breakthrough lighting is a reality, and production ready in 2023.

It's all in the process

Utilizing a laser ablation process we can create a clean, crisp light transmissible feature through thermoplastic. What does this mean? The surface looks clean and smooth until lighting is activated allowing for creative and innovative lighting opportunities.

Close up of back of a black and red car

A new way to communicate

Breakthrough lighting has endless communications opportunities we see expanding in the future. This includes better vehicle to consumer communications, visual cues like battery level status or a welcome sequence.

Integration is always possible

Breakthrough Lighting utilizing thermoplastic allows for more packaging space and that means more integration! The opportunities to integrate and optimize voice activation, gesture control and more can be made possible.

One stop shop! Through the power of Magna we can integrate and optimize the latest technology all under the same roof.


Brand Distinction

Enhance your vehicle exteriors experience with our breakthrough lighting effects to achieve a unique brand identity. This technology brings an open canvas to create the design you want while enhancing brand distinction.


We'll light the way. Whatever surface you want.

Back of a magna car with red light and black background Front of a grey Magna car with yellow signal light
Back of a magna car with red and yellow light and black background Head light of an orange Magna car
Back of a magna car with red, yellow and blue light and black background Front of a grey Magna car

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