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Providing unique and fully customizable vehicle access experiences.

Magna is an industry leader when it comes to developing complex mechatronics systems. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide consumers the most intuitive, safe and comfortable experience when interacting with their vehicles.

SmartAccess™ is a system platform that enables consumers unique vehicle access experiences. Through our building block approach SmartAccess™ allows our customers to build their ideal vehicle access offering. ​

As a complete system supplier and system integrator Magna is driving the future of vehicle access.​ Combining our mechanical expertise with advanced software capabilities, SmartAccess™ isn't just a product, it's an experience.

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SmartAccess™ Power Door

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SmartAccess™ Power Door B-Pillarless

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SmartAccess™ Power Frunk

Experience SmartAccess™ - Spotlight

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SmartAccess™ Power Door B-Pillarless
Ride Sharing

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SmartAccess™ Power Door B-Pillarless
Busy Family

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Vehicle with SmartAccess Power Doors showing various stages of the door opening