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Unparalleled Visibility, Safety & Experience

Unprecedented driver safety, convenience and experience culminate in the ClearView™ Vision System – Magna’s industry leading camera monitoring system that combines our expertise in mirrors, cameras, electronics, and software.

Designed to make vehicles smarter and safer, ClearView™ enhances visibility by providing an unobstructed rear view from camera’s integrated into the exterior of the vehicle. Focused on the consumer experience, ClearView™ allows consumers to customize the display to their preferences including the ability zoom, pan and tilt. Available in multiple embodiments and offering a range of cameras and displays to provide OEMs a scalable solution to meet their unique vehicle specifications.

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Building Blocks for Superior Visibility

The ClearView™ Vision System is comprised of scalable building blocks to provide OEMs with a customizable solution.  With a range of highly configurable mirrors, displays, cameras, electronics and software for integration both inside and outside the vehicle, ClearView™ is ready for seamless and efficient OEM implementation in a range of differentiated vehicle embodiments.

ClearView™ Interior Mirror

A first-of-its-kind technology to launch in the market, ClearView™ inside mirror allows drivers to easily and efficiently switch between a traditional optical rear view and a video display that shows up to three camera views simultaneously. With a single touch, the stylish and customizable ClearView™ inside mirror alternates between a traditional reflective surface and a full-size electronic display for an unobstructed rear view. This feature-rich technology overcomes obstructions to visibility, provides a larger field of view, and improves rear vision during low light conditions. An additional optional camera can also add a trailer view to provide consumers towing cargo with enhanced safety and peace of mind.

ClearView™ Hybrid Outside Mirror

ClearView™ hybrid outside mirror integrates sophisticated camera technology into regulatory compliant mirrors – with cameras mounted beyond the widest point of the vehicle for an ideal field of view. Features and benefits include reduced drag, enhanced rear vision in low light conditions and the ability to digitally aim during vehicle reversing – all complemented by a video display in the exterior mirror or conveniently located inside the vehicle to avoid driver distraction.

ClearView™ Camera Wing

The ClearView™ Camera Wing integrates a camera into a lightweight housing creating a more aerodynamic design. Integration of traditional outside mirror features remain (turn signals, power fold, projection logo, ground illumination, surround view), while providing an option for a unique retractable variant with the ability to retract flush to the surface while not in use.


ClearView+™ combines camera monitoring with driver and occupant monitoring, all integrated within the interior mirror. Packaged in a compact and efficient design, this breakthrough innovation promises to combine enhanced visibility with the active monitoring and reduction of distracted driving through customizable alerts and notifications.

News Release

Magna's ClearView™ Vision System Comes to Market

Magna’s advanced ClearView™ vision technology designed to make vehicles smarter and safer has made its production debut on the Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty trucks. The unique system, which bundles camera and mirror technology, has the potential to reduce blind-spot accidents and promote safety by enhancing visibility around the vehicle. ClearView™ also provides other benefits including making it easier to park and maneuver the vehicle.