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Exfinity Mirror with description

As the global market leader in exterior mirror systems, Magna’s expertise combines deep systems knowledge, in-house capabilities and unparalleled designs to bring forth cutting-edge innovations.

Smart, sleek and sophisticated, the ExfinityMirror™ eliminates the frame of the mirror by adding a highly polished glass edge allowing for unique styling possibilities and improved forward visibility. The ExfinityMirror™ provides the vehicle improved aerodynamics and water management that support sustainability goals and enhance the overall driving experience.

Crafted to expand visibility

Magna’s ExfinityMirror™ represents a design evolution that moves forward from the traditional rearview paradigm. The reduced packaging size enhances forward visibility to help expand the driver’s field of view.

Sophisticated styling

Beautifully crafted, Magna’s ExfinityMirror™ reconceptualizes the vehicle exterior with its jewel-like appearance. Inspired by our award-winning InfinityMirror™, the ExfinityMirror™ offers ultra-sleek styling possibilities.

Improved aerodynamics and water management

Magna’s ExfinityMirror™ provides the vehicle with improved aerodynamics and water management that enhances the overall driving experience.

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