Thermoplastic Roof Panels

Thermoplastic roof panel being put into roof of vehicle

Modularity Wherever You Go!

Ride in style with our first to market, modular thermoplastic roof panels. Add convenient features such as molded in handles to provide ease when removing the lightweight panels for an open-air experience or utilize unique functions such as interior lighting and phone charging for your next adventure.
20-25% lighter weight panels than traditional SMC structures, which can effortlessly slide off the roof to create an open-air experience on your next ride.

New Styles to Fit your Ride

Explore endless design possibilities to fit your lifestyle from mold in color textures to fabric and hydrographic patterns to create a luxury or sporty feel.

Person carrying thermoplastic roof panel
Person carrying a thermoplastics roof panel
Thermoplastic roof panel

Convenient Features for Each Ride

Roadside Assistance

Thermoplastic roof panel that can be used as a warning sign for vehicle stopped on the side of the road

Power your Adventure

Two people charging thermoplastic roof panel with smart phone

Instant Feedback

Person standing outside of a red vehicle with a smartphone checking charge status of roof panels
Flat tire at the most inconvenient spot on the side of the road? For your safety, our thermoplastic modular roof panels can be removed from the top and propped on the side of the road to warn surrounding vehicles to slow down.
Stay connected even when you’re camping! Utilizing the solar feature integrated into the roof panel, you can charge your phone and other portable devices wherever you go.
A last-minute road trip with your friends always sounds like a good idea! Easily check the charge status of your roof panels straight from your phone to ensure that you are easily prepared for your spontaneous road trip!