Close up of black and white material used for a car seat

Free Yourself

Magna’s FreeForm™ is a remarkable seat trim cover technique that provides a clean, sculpted, seamless styling surface and the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities.

With FreeForm™ you can create an extraordinary seat design that distinguishes your brand, saves time, cleans easier and keeps your customers more comfortable.

Experience FreeForm™

Two people designing the FreeForm seat for vehicles
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Technology Video
Example of new foam designs

Free yourself from traditional designs

One person in a vehicle with iPad and other person working on program to help improve the comfort of the driver

Free yourself from discomfort

Measuring leg room in a car cabin

Free yourself from cramped legs

Hand vacuum picking up cereal pieces from a car seat

Free yourself from crumbs

Person looking over the back of a bucket seat for a vehicle

Enabling repeatable precision and craftsmanship

Back of bucket car seat made from sustainable material

Freedom for Sustainability

3 different design patterns in black and white of bucket seats

Freedom to Differentiate your Brand

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