Dedicated Hybrid Drives


Achieving zero emissions is like a long-distance run.
But we have enough experience and stamina.

In today's global automotive market, hybrid platforms are essential to meet the diverse demands of consumers. Whether it's enhancing acceleration, recovering battery energy, facilitating charging, or enabling pure electric driving, Magna's hybrid transmissions are up to the challenge.

Magna offers a wide range of customized solutions that not only contribute to a greener future of mobility but also prioritize driving pleasure, vehicle performance, and safety.

Magna's Dedicated Hybrid Drive (DHD) systems are built on a simplified platform architecture, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operation. Leveraging Magna's consistent scalability and modular design approach, along with our sophisticated and proven components such as motors, inverters, shift elements, clutches, and software, we provide flexible and affordable solutions for all dedicated hybrid platforms.


Dedicated Hybrid Drives

Highest flexibility for multiple applications


Usually in hybrid architectures, to enable boosting and recuperation, an e-motor must be added to the transmission or engine. However, this also leads to a critical cost-benefit question. With the new Dedicated Hybrid Drives (DHD) we simplified our existing hybrid concepts and utilized our long-term development experience with hybridized dual-clutch transmissions. We added a strong e-motor, shifted the dynamic operation towards it while standardizing the engine operation, and reduced the number of gears.

DHD offer best-in-class electric performance and efficiency, outstanding convenience and adaptability to real-world requirements in different vehicle segments and markets. Magna is looking at a complete systems approach to both conventional and electric platforms.

Find out more about our DHD product family and download the Deep Dive content:

    Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Duo

    The Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Duo is a two e-motor suitable for HEV applications, delivering outstanding performance with high drivability and comfort even when driving in congested traffic. DHD Duo is developed in a platform approach, scalable in power and in number of gears to meet B to E vehicle segment requirements.

    It enables a flexible architecture switch between P1 + P3, P2 + P3 and Range Extender (REEV). Within the standard P1+P3 hybrid architecture. the P1 e-motor acts as a generator to start the ICE and charge the battery at any time. The P3 traction e-motor is responsible for all-electric starting and reversing and drives the front wheels in serial mode. In parallel mode, both ICE and traction e-motor will work together to deliver as much torque to the wheels as possible to ensure strong acceleration. With this architecture, DHD Duo ensures very smooth and comfortable driving in all driving conditions supported by electric, serial and parallel driving modes. 

    Being part of Magna’s modular and scalable building blocks, the mature common parts, including e.g., the shift system and park lock system, would be re-utilized. In addition, the usage of dog clutches generates even further package and cost benefits to our global customers.

    Deep Dive Content for download

    Technical Paper DHD Duo: Benchmark for Efficiency and Drivability

    Find out about the functional scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of B to E segment vehicles by taking a closer look at our technical paper.

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    Efficient HEV and PHEV Technology Demonstrator with DHD Duo

    Key_visual_DHD Duo_V2_2510223

    The technology demonstrator with Magna’s DHD Duo is an advanced HEV and PHEV solution based on a two e-motor architecture. It improves range and efficiency for high-volume passenger cars & SUVs with front-wheel drive. 

    Competitive advantage/differentiators

    • Very good acceleration performance due to the interaction of high-powered e-motor and a multi gear approach
    • Very smooth & comfortable driving in all driving conditions supported by electric, serial and parallel driving modes
    • Shifting without notice for the multi-speed architecture


    • Reuse of mature technologies & building blocks, ASIL C for e-motor and inverter 
    • 140 kW high e-motor peak power
    • Impressive acceleration performance, comparable to a BEV 

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