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Striving to breathe cleaner, across the globe. 

Magna is an expert in the engineering, development, and manufacturing of electrified powertrain modules and sub-systems to support our customers’ hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

We offer advanced processes for a vast diversity of cutting-edge mechanical modules & components, from eClutch & lightweight products to high precision metal forming & cutting products, in addition to various drive plates.

Magna is a top supplier of a broad variety of EV mechanical modules & components, including eDecoupling products and eDrive gearboxes for EV applications in primary and secondary systems.

Moreover, our LG Magna e-Powertrain joint venture expands our capabilities further, providing key components such as EV powertrain motors, inverters, and more, from a single source. 

EV Mechanical Modules and Components



eDrive Gearboxes

eDrive Transmissions image

eDrive Gearboxes

Compact and efficient gearboxes for eDrives in a single housing. Well-defined bolt-on interface for the e-motor allows a convenient assembly. Complete line-up of variants and features..



Magna’s electro-magnetic eDecoupling acts as a stand alone or integrated power flow decoupler for EV applications. With quick activation times, superior NVH behaviour via integrated powertrain controls and compact packaging, the Magna eDecoupling increases EV range by reducing drag torque of e-motor and gearbox in primary and secondary eDrive systems.

eTorque Vectoring

eTorque Vectoring

eTorque Vectoring

Magna’s proprietary Twin-Clutch eTorque Vectoring system with corresponding software and controls supports best-in-class dynamics and safety up to 300 kW power per axle for BEV, HEV, and PHEV vehicles.

Magna also supplies a Duo Drive (2 E-motor) eTorque Vectoring system for applications that require more than 300 kW power per axle.

E-motor Core Stack

E-motor Stator & Rotor Lamination Core Stacks

Magna offers e-motor cores for electrified powertrains – featuring an advanced dot bonding process, which not only improves power density and weight reduction through higher stacking factor, but also requires lower activation temperature reducing process CO2 footprint.

Mechanical Modules and Components

eClutch Products

eCoupling Plus

Our eCoupling Plus is an electromagnetically-actuated multi-mode device that connects or disconnects power flow in HEV and BEV powertrains, with an added one-way overrun feature. It enables added power flow options for hybridization and EVs via three+ functional modes that have been combined into one unit to save space and cost. It can also be scaled to accommodate various torque ranges, while simultaneously reducing power consumption and reducing CO2.


Electric One-Way Clutch

Our Electric Selectable Reverse One-Way Clutch products replace traditional wet friction clutch packs and mechanical one way clutches, yielding a number of benefits. In addition to weight reduction, transmission architecture is simplified because hydraulic circuits are not required. More importantly, parasitic drag is reduced by as much as 10%, decreasing CO2 emissions.

Picture of an eCoupling


Magna’s eCoupling is an electromagnetically-actuated ON/OFF coupling that connects or disconnects power flow in HEV and BEV applications. Multiple modes are possible enabling connection of two rotating elements, such as an eMotor’s connection into a powertrain. It can also be scaled to accommodate various torque ranges, while simultaneously reducing power consumption and reducing CO2 by reducing parasitic drag common with other technologies like friction clutches.

Picture of an eSelectable Grounding Clutch

eSelectable Grounding Clutch

Magna’s eSelectable Grounding Clutch is an electromechanically-actuated clutch that locks rotating elements to a powertrain housing. Application suggestions include locking a shaft or gear to a transmission case, or locking a planetary ring gear for speed actuation. Numerous beneficial attributes include a compact and scalable design that can accommodate various torque ranges, no parasitic drag loss while open, and system protection through its unique ratcheting function.

Lightweight Products

Leading the way towards a lighter future

Magna’s innovative metal-forming capabilities and advanced materials expertise allow us to produce parts from alternate materials that are lighter and stronger, increasing driveline efficiency compared to their steel counterparts.

Picture of an aluminum battery inverter cover

Aluminum Invertor/Battery Covers

Our stamped aluminum invertor and battery covers offer significant weight savings compared to traditional steel covers, and offer strength improvements compared to die cast covers in order to support the overall improvement of hybrid and electric vehicle efficiency.

Picture of an aluminum oil pan cover

Aluminum Oil Pans & Covers

Magna’s stamped aluminum engine & transmission oil pans and side covers offer significant weight savings up to 60% over conventional steel pans & covers. Our aluminum pans are stronger and lighter than plastic pans and surpass plastic in impact tests. Oil pan assemblies can include hardware, magnets, gaskets, filters, or coatings.

Magna MFS Lightweight Products Main 2

Aluminum Clutch Housings

Magna is taking clutch products to the next level by successfully manufacturing lightweight alternatives to traditional steel parts, both large and small. We can form aluminum into complex shapes and geometries, creating lightweight clutch hubs, housings, and large shells that can yield up to 60% weight savings compared to their traditional steel counterparts.

High Precision Metal Forming & Cutting Products

Millions of precision, defect-free parts

Magna’s high precision metal forming & cutting products are manufactured using the most advanced metal forming processes available allowing us to meet the precision requirements of our customer. 

Picture of planetary carrier modules

Planetary Carrier Modules

Magna designs, develops, tests, and manufactures a wide variety of carriers for transfer cases and automatic transmissions. From individual parts to sub-assemblies and full assembled drop-in modules, Magna specializes in stamped, forging, and powder metal designs.

Picture of a clutch module

Clutch Modules

Magna offers modular design, development, testing and production of complete clutch modules. For multi-plate clutch assembly, development and test facilities are located at Magna’s engineering centers. Magna uses various forming technologies and machining of ferrous and aluminum components to support the manufacture and assembly of clutch modules.

Picture of a precision metal forming cutting

Clutch Hubs & Housings

Clutch hubs and housings made from mild or high strength steel or lightweight aluminum for use in wet and dry applications. Expertise in forming capabilities and welding applications coupled with assembly processes that yield short cycle times for high volume applications.


Shafts, Sprockets & eDrive Gears

Magna designs, develops, tests and manufactures a wide variety of geared and shaft products for transfer cases, automatic transmissions and eDrive applications. Our laser welding expertise allows us to join high carbon steels to different materials, including aluminum. This capability, along with rotary-forged hollow shafts, provide for mass and weight savings.

Cast Iron Differential Assemblies

Magna Powertrain has a long history of machining differential housings and complete assembly of 2- or 4-pinion differentials.

Non Splined Stampings 3

Non-Splined Stampings, including Oil Pans

Precision high-strength steel stampings for transmission components to provide weight and material savings compared to forged or die cast components. Magna’s stamping process allows for lighter components, compact assembly size, and lower manufacturing cost.

Engine Drive Plates & Accessories

Start your engines

Magna is the world market leader in the production of one- and two-piece flexplates. Backed by full engineering and development capabilities and a global footprint, we have a solution for any application.

Magna MFS Flexplate 1pc

One-Piece Flexplates

Magna’s one-piece flexplate is manufactured using a patented forming process. The continuous manufacturing flow and one-piece design reduces weight, improves durability, enhances gear tolerances, and eliminates weld spatter.

Magna MFS Flexplate 2pc

Two-Piece Flexplates

Magna’s two-piece flexplate consists of a ring gear welded onto a formed can. After welding, all holes and windows are pierced and profiles set via re-strike. Full process capability to weld high strength, low alloy steels, and a variety of materials can be used with the addition of surface treatments.

Electrical Components



LG Magna e-Powertrain

LG Magna e-Powertrain, which launched in July 2021 as a joint venture between LG Electronics and Magna International, was driven by the strong synergy created by combininb LG's capability in EV component and Magna's experience in traditional automotive business. Based on the technologies and manufacturing competitiveness on key components of EV powertrain motors, inverters, converters, IPGM, and more, LG Magna is growing into a No. 1 e-mobility solutions partner leading the rapidly changing EV component market.

With over 1,300 employees in Korea, North America, Europe, South America and Asia, LG Magna is ready to be at the forefront of electrification and support global automakers with a diverse and world-class portfolio.

Powertrain Testing Services


Find here a detailed overview of our Testing Services.