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Dedicated to Continuous Improvement in Conserving Energy

Magna’s Markt Schwaben division in Germany has completed 40 energy-saving projects since 2016, drawing on ideas provided by shop-floor employees and managers who are dedicated to taking steps to protect the planet. The efforts here exemplify Magna’s vision of a more sustainable enterprise.

Mitigating climate change is the thinking behind many of the division’s energy-saving projects. Like other Magna locations around the world, Markt Schwaben is coming up with innovative ways to meet the challenges of what some experts call “the race of our lifetime,” as we target sustainable ways to do business.

Energy-saving projects include the installation of more efficient furnaces to melt raw material before it is sent to big die-casting machines and using new mold-cooling equipment. Other energy-optimization initiatives include shutting down the plant’s infrastructure systems during non-production times. Reducing water and chemical usage on the casting molds during the manufacturing process is another way to conserve resources.

The projects are part of a push for continuous improvement and the cultivation of an energy-conscious mindset. Employees recognize that our sustainability efforts, large and small, will have far-reaching impacts for our customers, our industry and our planet.

“The people who work on the line give us ideas,” said Markus Hirschvogel, the head of production at the division who served as Magna’s energy manager for Europe from 2013 to 2019. “They see exactly what’s going on. The ideas are smart and easy to implement. But we can always do better.”

The goal: To be one of the most efficient casting facilities in Europe. The plant’s 550 employees make cast products for the understructure of premium car bodies, such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 3 Series.

Data collection is a critical part of monitoring energy usage.

“We check the data weekly and compare the lines with each other,” Hirschvogel said. “When you see a big peak of energy usage in one line, you know something is going on. Then we call in the technicians and start another project.”

The team also has an ambitious goal to recover heat used in the manufacturing process and then use it to provide cheaper heat to homes in the region.

As Magna envisions a carbon-free future, the people, products and processes at Markt Schwaben – and our 347 divisions in 28 countries – are making the world a safer, greener and better place.

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