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Creating Exteriors Customers Crave

Automotive trim and jewelry add to a vehicle’s personality and performance. Chrome, painted and plastic applications such as spoilers, grilles, rocker panels, claddings and appliques help automakers create the beautiful exteriors today’s customers demand.

Greenhouse Technologies

Innovation that Impacts Exterior Styling

Magna produces glass products that enhance the overall styling of a vehicle. Multiple finishes and materials are available to meet any need. As a full system supplier of exterior side and rear trim products, Magna can ensure uniformity from a styling and material perspective.


PureView™ Seamless Sliding Window

The PACE Award-winning PureView is a first-to-market rear sliding window for the truck market that provides a streamlined appearance and improved craftsmanship.


Greenhouse Technologies

Magna also provides a variety of Greenhouse products that enhance the look of a vehicle including:

  • Manual & power truck sliding windows
  • Front & rear quarter windows
  • Liftglass assemblies
  • Windshields & backlights
  • Fixed roof glass modules

Trim & Exterior Ornamentation

Vehicle Trim Executed in True Style

As a full system supplier of vehicle trim products, Magna can greatly enhance the styling of a vehicle by providing uniform materials and aesthetics across the entire vehicle. Full daylight opening and roof trim capability are only some of the products available. Magna’s superior craftsmanship and quality is unsurpassed and with our vast product portfolio, customers can eliminate the need for multiple suppliers.


Roof Trim

Magna produces roof trim products that include:

  • Roof Racks
  • Roof Rails
  • Roof Ditch Moldings

Side Vehicle Trim

Magna produces the following side vehicle trim products in multiple materials and finishes:

  • DLO (Day Light Opening) Moldings
  • Outer Belt Moldings
  • Pillar Appliques
  • Claddings
  • Wheel Moldings
  • Rockers

Running Boards

Running Board Innovation & Choice

Magna is the market leader in SUV and truck-powered running boards that aid in entering and exiting the vehicle. Static running boards are also available in multiple materials and finishes. With Magna’s expertise, customers can integrate multiple features including electronics, sensors and lighting to enhance the end consumers experience.

Picture of an Automated Running Board on a vehicle

Automated Running Boards

Automated running boards greatly improve the ingress and egress of tall vehicles and stow away for improved aerodynamics and styling when not in use.


Static Running Boards

Static running boards can come in tubular and platform styles made using traditional metal or lightweight composite products.

Picture of Box Steps and Bumper Steps on a vehicle

Box Steps & Bumper Steps

Hands free access to pickup bed with improved ingress & egress