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A Magna Software Engineer with a 'Gamification' Mindset

“My career trajectory has been a natural progression for someone intrigued by technology – everything from rocket science to astrophysics.”

As a Magna software engineer working on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomy in Bangalore, India, I couldn’t ask for anything better from my first real job out of college.

When I hang out with friends or talk to my college roommate, I tell them I’m part of the exciting shift to new mobility as the global automotive industry works on the Car of the Future. Magna is a good place to grow and cultivate my skills.

I came to Magna in June 2023 as part of the acquisition of Veoneer Active Safety Systems, where I had been a Graduate Engineer Trainee and an intern. My career trajectory has been a natural progression for someone intrigued by technology – everything from rocket science to astrophysics.

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Gamification and Japanese Anime

I also love games, specifically multiplayer online role-playing games. Playing games has been a way to challenge myself, and to learn and have fun.

Along the way, I’ve learned to “gamify” my approach to life and my career. One way is by relating the positions in an organization to the levels in a game. In fact, it would be great if we had a virtual or augmented screen that popped up every time we got promoted!

The gamifying experience has taught me strategies that make difficult tasks more fun to complete, while helping to build better habits.

Japanese anime has been a huge influence on my life as well. It’s a form of storytelling with a goal or a mission. Valuable life lessons, such as “take responsibility,” a Magna Core Value, are part of Japanese anime. The stories help us face emotions, from joy to frustration.

A Magna Role Model

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While I’ve always related to the good guys, video game characters aren’t my role models. Magna CEO Swamy Kotagiri is. I have tremendous respect for him and how he’s driving this organization. Just like me, he comes from India and shares the vision of making vehicles cleaner, safer and smarter. All while ensuring that our impact on the planet continues to be reduced.

I had access to a car at an early age, but some of my school friends did not even have a two-wheeler at home. I keep that in mind as I work on Magna innovations from development to launch.

You know, at this point, my goals are pretty straightforward: I want to be at peace with whatever I do and contribute to creating a world where accessible transportation is available to everyone. That's why I know I’m in the right spot.

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