Ghosted vehicle driving along a road showing the EtelligentReach technology

ASM PSM Technology

Grasp what ASM and PSM Technology can do for eDrives

The Technology

In order to further develop the capability of the electric vehicle, a secondary eDrive on the front axle, rather than a single larger eDrive on the rear axle, is beneficial when it comes to comparing vehicle efficiency and AWD-functionality (in terms of safety, traction and performance). For the secondary eDrive application, two types of e-motor technologies can be implemented - an ASM (asynchronous machine) or a PSM (permanent (magnet) synchronous machine). Depending on the product requirements, these two technologies offer a range of differences and trade-offs.





With this webinar you enrich your knowledge of electric drive systems and why there is a need for secondary drives.

Have a look at relevant use cases, explore how ASM and PSM technology can be used and compare their benefits.       

This video webinar is hosted by Dr. Daniel Lindvai-Soos, Director Product Management. Duration ~ 30 minutes.

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