Magna Torrero


When the visionary Magna Torrero concept vehicle debuted in 1989 at the North American International Auto Show, it previewed significant industry design, performance and safety trends. The trendsetter also showcased Magna’s unique capabilities. One of its creators described it as “a piece of art, loaded with innovations,” everything from computers and 11 cameras to a fax machine for rear passengers.

Today, Torrero’s contribution to car culture is being revisited at the Canadian Automotive Museum. Not only did Torrero set the standard for today’s SUVs and crossovers, it symbolizes Magna’s strategic foresight, ability to unlock creative solutions and set the future in motion.

Magna Torrero. Inventive. Disruptive. Revolutionary. One for the history books. That’s how we roll.

Magna Torrero: Not Just One for the History Books

Full view of the Magna Torrero

Magna Torrero Rides into Automotive History: An Insider’s Look

Design concept of the Magna Torrero

Torrero's journey to the Canadian Automotive Museum

Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Elle Alder