Dividend Reinvestment Plan


We do not maintain a stock purchase plan. If you decide to invest, you must purchase shares through a broker or through an on-line trading service. A registered shareholder of the Common Shares may automatically reinvest their cash dividends in additional Magna Common Shares through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

How does a Shareholder become a Participant?

Any registered holder of Magna Common Shares may become a Participant in the DRIP at any time by completing an "Authorization Form" and sending it to our Transfer Agent. A beneficial owner of Common Shares who is not a registered shareholder (for example, a person whose shares are held and registered in a nominee account, such as in the name of a broker) must become a holder of record by having his/her shares transferred into his/her own name or into a specific segregated registered account (for example, a numbered account with a bank or trust company with the bank's or trust company's concurrence), in order to participate in the DRIP.

March 2006 - Important Notices to DRIP Participants (PDF 54 KB)

If you are a Canadian registered holder of Magna Common Shares, please view the Offering Circular Offering Circular (PDF 74 KB) and letter (PDF 7 KB) to you. If you are not a Canadian registered shareholder, please view the Prospectus (PDF 89 KB) and letter (PDF 7 KB) to you.