Press Release - Magna Announces 2018 Annual Meeting Results

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AURORA, Ontario, May 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magna International Inc. (TSX:MG) (NYSE:MGA) today announced voting results from its 2018 annual meeting of shareholders. A total of 285,727,820 Common Shares or 79.79% of our issued and outstanding Common Shares were voted in connection with the meeting. Shareholders voted by a show of hands in favour of each item of business. Based on proxies received prior to the meeting and votes cast in person at the meeting, each director nominee was elected by a substantial majority as follows:

Nominee Votes FOR
Scott B. Bonham 99.89%
Peter G. Bowie 99.82%
Mary S. Chan 99.77%
Dr. Kurt J. Lauk 99.88%
Robert F. MacLellan 99.80%
Cynthia A. Niekamp 99.91%
William A. Ruh 99.93%
Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera 99.59%
Donald J. Walker 99.96%
Lawrence D. Worrall 99.13%
William L. Young 99.38%

Additionally, Magna's advisory "say on pay" vote received 97.25% support based on proxies received prior to the meeting and votes cast in person at the meeting.  Full results of the votes are included as Appendix "A" to this press release.                                                

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(1) Manufacturing operations, product development, engineering and sales centres and employee figures include certain equity-accounted operations.

Appendix "A"


Resolution Votes For Votes Withheld/Against
           #          %  #   %
Elect Scott B. Bonham as Director           275,145,329         99.89 299,739   0.11
Elect Peter G. Bowie as Director           274,957,788         99.82 487,280   0.18
Elect Mary S. Chan as Director           274,806,239         99.77 638,828   0.23
Elect Dr. Kurt J. Lauk as Director           275,124,189         99.88 320,879   0.12
Elect Robert F. MacLellan as Director           274,907,196         99.80 537,872   0.20
Elect Cynthia A. Niekamp as Director           275,188,757         99.91 256,311   0.09
Elect William A. Ruh as Director           275,248,787         99.93 196,280   0.07
Elect Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera as Director           274,305,245         99.59 1,139,823   0.41
Elect Donald J. Walker as Director           275,320,846         99.96 123,814   0.04
Elect Lawrence D. Worrall as Director           273,043,692         99.13 2,401,377   0.87
Elect William L. Young as Director           273,740,524         99.38 1,704,543   0.62
Re-Appointment of Deloitte LLP as Auditors           285,517,713         99.93 206,043   0.07
Advisory Resolution on Executive Compensation           267,880,692         97.25 7,564,816   2.75

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