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With a focus on our ecosystem, our seats are made with recycled and bio-based materials. The circular economy is at the center of our vision. We look at a vehicle’s end of life as an opportunity to create a new recycled seat. Our seats enable a cleaner mobility, utilizing our EcoSphere™ product family made up of foam, trim foundation, face goods and structures. We are doing our part to create a better world of mobility, responsibly. Transporting you in ecofriendly comfort and style.

EcoSphere™ Trim Foundation

Our trim foundation sustainable solutions utilize recycled and bio-based content to support the circular economy.
TWE Plus Pad

Plus Pad

Through our partnership with TWE, we focus on the rePEaT® sustainable solution. Together we are creating a 100% recycled plus pad with no compromises in comfort, mass, durability and firmness.

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Spacer Fabric

Magna and TWE have partnered to create spacer fabric that is comprised of 100% recycled material. This material focuses on the rePEaT® sustainable solution that achieves ultimate comfort, durability and breathability.

FreeForm vehicle seat


Utilizing our in-house expertise, FreeForm™ back panels contain up to 50% proprietary polyols derived from recycled polyethylene terephthalate while the seating surface contains up to 20% renewable materials from a bio-feedstock.

EcoSphere™ Foam

Creating bio-based and recycled solutions for commercialization of polyurethane foam replacement with a focus on circular economy.

Recycled Base Pad

Made up of 60% recycled PET material with 100% recyclability at end of life​​.

BU Base Foam

PU Base Foam

PU base foam may contain up to 5% recycled​-content and 10% bio-content​.

EcoSphere™ Face Goods

Magna has the capability to work with a wide range of face good materials that align with our sustainable solutions, enable a melt-recyclable trim cover and premium seat craftsmanship.
Recycled PET Materials

Recycled PET Materials

Using recycled PET textiles, we create cleaner mobility that contributes to the circular economy.

Bio-Based Material

Bio-Based Materials

Magna designs products using bio-based fabric, simulated suede and PU leather alternatives.

EcoSphere™ Structures

Innovating seat structures that utilize the latest advancements in light weight mechanisms, materials and process.
Lightweight seating frame

Lightweight Seating

Magna front seat structures are smarter seating solutions leveraging advanced lightweight materials.

Thin seating vehicle seat

Thin Seating

Our unique structure and suspension design enables a thin seat back profile and lightweight solution.


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