ICON™ Digital Radar

Magna's ICON™ Digital Radar

Magna’s ICON™ Radar is an industry-first that outperforms analog radar at levels never seen before. It helps solve industry level challenges that supports a path to autonomous driving.

Front view of a vehicle with Magna logo
View video from Motor Press Guild Press Conference

Motor Press Guild Press Conference Featuring Boris Shulkin, Sharath Reddy as well as Manju Hegde from Uhnder

Driveline road with bridge in the horizon
View video for tunnels & bridges

Industry Challenge #1: Tunnels & Bridges

Vehicle driving down a highway
View video for Open Lane

Industry Challenge #2 – Open Lane

Vehicle driving down the road
View video for separating objects

Industry Challenge #3 – Separating Objects

Vehicle driving down a road

Industry Challenge #4 – Detecting Low Lying Objects

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